The Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan© (UCLP©) is a revolutionary and practical approach to cholesterol lowering. It combines the latest scientific evidence for dietary modifications to actively lower cholesterol and integral to its application utilises motivational interviewing to tackle compliance issues – the common stumbling block to the success of lifestyle therapies. The UCLP© complements current heart health dietary advice and goes on to focus on four plant foods each proven to have a significant cholesterol lowering effect and when combined, have an additive cholesterol-lowering effect.


Written by HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity in collaboration with seven leading health professionals. The UCLP© is the practical, realistic and indispensable teaching tool for cholesterol-lowering advice.

The UCLP© is a cholesterol-lowering dietary regimen based on a modified and more practical version of the portfolio diet.

It focuses on heart healthy dietary advice as its foundation: replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat, inclusion of oil rich fish, improving fibre intakes, achieving our 5-a-day and reducing the energy density of the diet to aid with lowering excess body fat.

To the heart healthy foundation diet, the UCLP© introduces four plant foods:

· Soya foods @ 15-25g soya protein per day

· Foods fortified with stanols @ 1.5-3g per day.

· Beta-glucans from oats or barley @ 3g per day.

· Nuts @ 28g per day

Each of the individual components of the plan have been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol levels from 4-10%, whilst any combination of the various elements will result in a cumulative cholesterol-lowering effect. This allows for a tailor made diet to suit all motivational levels.

At its core is the use of behaviour strategy – Motivation Interviewing – to optimise the patient’s adoption of a healthier lifestyle for the long-term. 

The UCLP© brings about clinically significant cholesterol-lowering results for all and has the potential to lower serum LDL cholesterol levels and possibly more depending on the number of elements taken on board by the patient.


The findings from the recent extensive review of the scientific evidence relating to all aspects of the UCLP© recommendations is summarised in our new fully referenced 8-page fact sheet.  The fact sheet discusses the current heart health status of both the UK and Ireland and current government initiatives before presenting the scientific evidence for all components of the UCLP©, the practical implications including guidance on how to apply behavioural strategies during patient consultations to optimise its uptake.  The evidence strongly supports the UCLP©'s unique flexible approach which allows the plan to be tailored to meet any individual's personal preferences and capabilities whilst still having the potential to lower serum cholesterol levels as well as providing overall heart health benefits.

The UCLP© 12-page consumer leaflet – updated October 2019

The UCLP© consumer booklet has been fully revised to provide consumers with a highly visual and practical step-by-step guide to the UCLP©.  The leaflet discusses the 3 key stages of the UCLP©: Getting into the right mindset, the heart healthy foundation diet and the four UCLP© foods.  The consumer is provided with exercises and practical options to adopt at each step with the emphasis on taking on board just one or two new dietary changes at a time, committing to the changes by completing  their own UCLP© plan, encouraging 2-3 weekly reviews of progress and setting targets to make more dietary changes.  The key message is one step at time and to take each component within each step at their own pace.

You can download the new pdf version by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can order HARD COPIES of our 2018 UCLP© consumer booklet, by completing the application form here and allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

The 7 downloadable UCLP© information sheets for your patient

Each individual 1-2 page downloadable reflects advice from the different sections of the UCLP© providing your patient with various practical tips and helpful information. 

The UCLP© Online teaching toolkit

Ideal for your face to face consultations comprising of the UCLP© slide deck to share with your patient and accompanying health professional notes.

The UCLP© slide deck: 12 slides for you to download and display to your patient. These slides provide your patient with a highly visual interpretation of the UCLP©. All slides display food images, pictorials and top tips. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

The UCLP© Health Professional's notes: Your utlimate step-by-step guide to introducing the accompanying UCLP© Consumer PDF Sides to your patient. The guide clearly indicates the relevant consumer slide it supports and provides you with all the evidence, facts and many practical solutions to help tailor the UCLP© to each individual patient. Encouraging behaviour change strategies, this document also provides a step-by-step application of motivational interviewing to help identify your patients motivators and barriers. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

OUT OF STOCK: Original hard copies of the UCLP© desk top teaching toolkit.

The UCLP© Store Tour

In collaboration with HEART UK & WAITROSE: The UCLP© Store Tour aims to change the shopping behaviour of consumers for healthier hearts. With more and more people shopping on-line and seeking health information from retail websites, HEART UK and Alpro have joined forces with Waitrose and Lucy Jones to offer the public the ultimate cholesterol-lowering retail shopping experience. The store tour offers the public practical in-store advice on how to adopt the UCLP© recommendations.

Find out what key experts have to say about the UCLP©

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