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Good for the Planet

The plant power that drives Alpro is kinder to the world we live in.

It’s now widely accepted that plant based foods can be just as nutritious as meat or milk, but a lot less hungry for our valuable resources. To protect our planet, we think the future of food has to be green.

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Alpro was the first European food company to join WWF Climate Savers, committing us to cutting our CO2 even though we’re making more and more delicious products.

  • Soya drinks use 2.5 times less water to produce than milk...

    That’s good news, because water is becoming an increasingly precious resource all over the world.

  • ...3 times less land...

    Grazing animals need space, putting pressure on farmers to gobble up our forests; and simply growing feed for hungry herds uses around a third of all our arable land.

  • ... and create 5 times less CO2

    Not only that, less methane is made, too, so altogether keeping our atmosphere cleaner and our climate a little more as we like it.

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Why feed 80-90% of the soya the world produces to animals (much as we love them), when non GMO soya makes such great food for humans, too? Healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable; and, thanks to Alpro, delicious and easy!

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Vegetable v animal

With more than 7 billion people in the world and growing all the time, how will our small and finite planet continue to feed us all in the future? We believe plant power is the answer, and soya a great place to start. Lets look at some facts.

There’s no need to give up meat to make a huge difference to the planet – just a small step such as occasionally switching to a soya alternative is all it takes. Here’s why…

  • flacon soy


    flacon soy

    Soy Dairy

    Soy Beef


    Cows need space, not just to graze on but for crops to feed them; dairy milk takes up 3 times more than its soya equivalent.

    To produce a beef burger takes 45 times as much land as its soya equivalent, often gobbling up forests for grazing and feed crops.

  • flacon soy


    flacon soy

    Soy Dairy

    Soy Beef


    For every single litre of water that goes into producing soya drinks, it takes 2.5 to produce the same amount of dairy milk.

    It takes 20 times less water – an increasingly precious resource – to produce a soya burger than its thirsty beef equivalent.

  • flacon soy


    flacon soy

    Soy Dairy

    Soy Beef


    Producing a litre of soya emits 5 times less CO2 than cows’ milk. Less methane, too.

    Soya burgers produce ten times less CO2 than their beef equivalents – good news for the climate.

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Good for the planet, good for you, too.

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