How do I know if I have problems with lactose?

Lactose free

Replacing lactose sources with plant-based alternatives

If you experience tummy discomfort such as bloating, stomach pains or diarrhoea after consuming dairy products, a lactose free diet could help your tummy settle down.

Everyone reacts to lactose in a different way; most people simply need to replace all the dairy products in their diet with dairy free alternatives, while others are highly sensitive and will also need to avoid the not so obvious ingredients in foods that contain lactose.

For anyone sensitive to lactose, it's generally recommended that they start by cutting out all sources of lactose from their diet.

A simple way to start is to swap all dairy milk, yogurt, dairy desserts and cream with naturally lactose free Alpro plant based alternatives. The fact that they taste so delicious makes it even easier to do! To follow a lactose free diet use our swaps list and ingredients list to help you.