How come all our plant-based products are naturally lactose free?

0% lactose
100% lactose


Soy based alternatives to milk and other plant-based drinks are naturally lactose free

Alpro alternatives to milk, like all Alpro soy and other plant-based products, are made from plants which never contain lactose, So naturally, our products are 100% guaranteed lactose free from step one.


Animal milk has to be treated to reduce the lactose content

Dairy milk is treated to reduce or break down the lactose; the enzyme lactase (often coming from GM organisms) is used to split lactose in galactose & glucose making the milk lactofree or by removing through filtration and splitting remaining lactose with lactase enzyme.

Alpro = plant based = naturally lactose free

The easy way to avoid lactose

Did you know that lactose (milk sugar) occurs in every type of animal milk and milk products like cheese, yogurt and butter? Did you know that despite the reduction of lactose in animal milk, the saturated fat is unchanged and cow milk proteins continue to be present which is a risk for people allergic to these.

All types (including Semi-skimmed) of Cow's milk contains 5g lactose per 100ml, so every typical 200ml glass of milk contains 10g.

And you may be surprised to learn that all other animal based milks such as goat's, sheep's and horse's milk contain similar amounts of lactose.

To make lactose free cow's milk it has to be treated to remove or break down the lactose; this is done using enzymes (lactase) or by processing it mechanically.

However by using these processes, there always remains a certain quantity of lactose in the milk which may cause complaints in sensitive people.

The good news is that not only soya but all plant based ingredients such almond, rice, oat and hazelnut, and all the Alpro food and drinks made from them, are naturally free from lactose

So they offer a guaranteed way to avoid discomfort or symptoms in case of lactose intolerance or sensitivity