How to cook
lactose free?

Learn to swap!

There’s no reason to give up on taste just because you’ve given up dairy, with so many great tasting dairy and lactose free alternatives that you can directly swap in recipes. Creamy sauces and soups need not be lost and forgotten pleasures. A dairy substitute such as Alpro unsweetened soya milk alternative means you can simply do a direct swap and voila, your favourite recipes are dairy and lactose free.
For some inspiring ideas, whet your appetite with our dairy free recipes.
Below are common dairy ingredients with their delicious dairy free swaps.

Cooking ingredients containing lactose Dairy & lactose free alternative
Milk Milj Lactose Soya Original Chilled Alpro plant based milk alternatives
Sour Cream Sour Cream Lactose Nature Alpro soya Simply Plain plant-based alternative to yogurt
Cream Cream Lactose Soya Single Chilled Alpro soya plant-based alternative to cream
Cream cheese Cream Cream cheese Alpro Tofu nature Tofu de base Tofu
Butter Butter Lactose à Tartiner Vegetable margarine