The good stuff in soya

The soya bean is rich in nutrients and deep in flavour. It also contains low amounts of saturated fat and is packed with vitamins and minerals. And most importantly, the soya bean naturally contains high levels of protein.

Our body needs protein...

Soya naturally contains high levels of protein. Proteins are a component of every cell and relevant to almost all functions in our body. They..

  • provide a healthy muscle mass and muscle growth
  • are necessary to help build bone tissues - keeps our bones the way they should be

We need quite a lot of it!

Adults need an average of 50g of protein per day. It's recommended to spread it throughout the day rather than a protein peak in one meal. Move the slider to indicate your bodyweight and see how much protein you need daily.

Your weight
69 kg
50 g
55.8 g Suggested amount of protein per day

Sources of protein

Take your pick! Which source has the highest quality protein?

Plant-based protein
Awesome! Soya indeed contains high quality proteins, just like meat and eggs. But are you aware that soya has many additional benefits to offer?

Animal-based protein

Awesome! Milk, eggs and meat indeed contain high quality proteins, but so does soya! And soya even has many additional benefits to offer!

Both plant-based and animal-based protein are equivalent. However! Did you know that soya has extra bonuses that are both good for you and the planet? Let's discover these extra benefits!

Why soya is a great ingredient for tasty products

Good for you!

  • 100% plant-based
  • A source of calcium, vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to digest
  • Lactose and gluten free
  • Low levels of saturated fats 'the bad fats'
  • Source of high-quality protein

Good for the planet!

less CO2
less land
less water

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