Sourcing? Only the best

Sourcing? Only the best

First off, we always start by carefully selecting the highest quality nuts, oats, rice, coconuts and soya beans.

GMO? No thanks

We never have and never will use genetically modified soya beans. We ask all our suppliers to sign up to our ethical charter and we can trace the source of all our beans.

Deforestation? Definitely not

Knowing where every bean comes from and keeping track of our suppliers means that we guarantee that our ingredients never come from deforested areas.

Local? You bet

We source our grains, beans and nuts as locally as possible. All our almonds come from the Mediterranean. More than half of our soya beans come from European countries, such as France, Italy, and Austria.

Harvest the best ideas

Eco-friendly ideas run through every bit of our cycle. We harvest all our crops and check and clean all our ingredients using as little water as possible, and recycle wherever we can.

Transport? Keep it light

We go to great lengths to keep our transport footprint as light as possible. Sometimes, that means floating our goods to the factory down a river or a canal. After all, fewer miles mean less fuel and cleaner air.

From plant to product

Our plants are transformed into tasty foods, drinks, alternatives to yogurt, and delicious desserts, to be enjoyed by you.

A sustainable journey

We’re fanatical about monitoring our energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and limiting water usage everywhere we can. And we’ve started putting waste heat and renewable energy sources to good use too.

A partnership with WWF

Alpro works with WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) on numerous sustainability projects around the globe. Close to our hearts is the Climate Savers programme – a global initiative bringing businesses and industries together to heighten awareness of climate change and reduce energy emissions.

Sustainable packs

Our Tetra Paks® are fully recyclable and designed to impose minimum impact on the environment.