Almond Chocolate Spread

With Alpro Almond drink

4 portions


Between 8 and 10 tbsp of Alpro Almond drink

100g of blanched almonds

3tsp of unsweetened cacao powder

12 Medjool dates

Pinch of Salt

Made with


Soak the almonds in Alpro Almond Drink or water, preferably overnight. Softer almonds mean an even softer texture to your chocolate spread.
Cut the dates in half and remove their stone. Now let them soak in tepid water until you use them again.
Grind the almonds to a flour consistency.
Add the cacao powder and salt to your almond flour and remove the dates from the tepid water.
Add the Alpro drink and the dates to your almond flour and blend until you've got chocolate spread. Enjoy!

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free