Matcha Tea

Betcha gonna love this Matcha tea with Alpro Coconut Original Drink

4 servings


800 ml Alpro Coconut Original Drink

4 tsp matcha powder

1 lime, zest only

Made with


1. On a low heat, gently heat up the Alpro Coconut Drink just to boiling point but do not let it boil.
2. Sift your Matcha and mix into a smooth paste with a little of the hot water.
3. Divide the Matcha smooth paste between four large mugs. Top each mug with the hot Alpro Coconut Original and whisk briskly until frothy - about 30 seconds or so. You can use a hand held blender or a milk frother for this.
4. Serve immediatley with grated lime zest. Enjoy!

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free