Plant-based alternatives to yoghurt 500g

Almond Vanilla 500g

If you're reading this you are considering making the right choice towards a healthy lifestyle & a healthy planet. Alpro Almond Vanilla yoghurt alternative is full of plant-based goodness and tastes great. It is naturally low in sugars and dairy-free, plus it's made in Australia and the packaging is 100% recyclable! So you don't have to compromise. Not to mention its good for you, and good for the planet too!

Size and variants

This product is available in 500g.

Where to buy
  • Low in saturated fats
  • Low in sugars
  • Naturally dairy-free
  • No artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours, or preservatives
  • Vegan friendly
  • With live vegan cultures
  • 100% recyclable pack
  • Made locally in Australia
So you like what you see, do you?

So you like what you see, do you?

Why not use in one of your favourite recipes?

Choc-Almond Granola
Dark Delight Protein Smoothie

Where can you get yours?

You can buy in-store or online!

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