Soya Plain Drinks


Alpro soya light gives you all the plant-based goodness of our original soya drink - and with 26 kcal per 100 ml you can relax and enjoy a little bit more of what you love. Brighten up your breakfast by pouring it onto cereals, into your morning cup of tea or coffee or whizzing into a smoothie, and start your day the lighter way.



  • product.benefits.NATURALLY_LACTOSE_FREE
  • product.benefits.VEGAN
  • product.benefits.VEGETARIAN
  • product.benefits.LOW_FAT
  • product.benefits.LOW_SATURATED_FAT
  • product.benefits.LOW_SUGARS
  • product.benefits.SOURCE_OF_FIBRE
  • product.benefits.SOURCE_OF_PROTEIN
  • product.benefits.SOURCE_OF_CALCIUM
  • product.benefits.SOURCE_VIT_B12

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