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  • Danone and WhiteWave/Alpro complete acquisition and drive the Alimentation Revolution together

    Alpro becomes key contributor to grow the plant-based category around the world

    Danone and Alpro join forces to further fuel plant-based business growth. Alpro will be a key contributor within the newly created Plant-Based Business Unit with the aim to expand and grow the plant-based category around the world. Together, Danone and WhiteWave/Alpro will drive the Alimentation Revolution.

  • More plant-based foods can save government over a billion euros

    Remarkable scientific findings presented at the Alpro Foundation’s 20th anniversary symposium.

    The Alpro Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary today. The aim of this independent institute, founded in 1996, is to support scientific research on plant-based nutrition and to promote knowledge and awareness of issues around food and health. So as not to let this special anniversary pass unnoticed, today the Foundation is hosting a celebratory symposium in Brussels, where leading health experts will come together to discuss the latest scientific knowledge about plant-based nutrition.

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  • The Story of Alpro

    Changing the way the world eats for the better.

    What started out with turning soya into the first plant-based drinks now flourished into a multi category multi ingredient range.
    Today, millions of people have embraced plant-based eating.

    In a world becoming ever more conscious about living healthy and sustainable, we at Alpro believe in a growing need for plant-based.

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  • Alpro Sustainable Development Report 2015

    Alpro proves that health, environment and growth can go hand in hand

    Alpro publishes its sustainability report. In this report, the company clarifies its vision and concrete actions with regard to sustainability. An essential part of this vision is the further reduction of CO2 emissions and water usage, and a sustainable use of raw materials. Alpro also attaches a great deal of importance to the reduction of sugar and saturated fat in its complete product range in the fight against obesity and important steps are taken toward local soya cultivation.