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  • Alpro welcomes the revision of the active diet triangle: more emphasis on a plant-based and sustainable diet

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    Alpro welcomes the revision of the active diet triangle: more emphasis on a plant-based and sustainable diet

    Ghent, 19 September 2017 – Today the Flemish Institute for a Healthy Life (Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven, formerly known as VIGeZ) launches a revised version of the well-known diet triangle. The new dietary model focuses primarily on a plant-based diet, sustainable diet choices, and diet variation. Alpro welcomes this evolution as it perfectly fits in with Alpro's vision and plant-based product offering.

  • Alpro & WWF join forces to protect our forests

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    Alpro & WWF join forces to protect our forests

    Alpro is launching a special WWF edition of the 1 liter pack of Alpro Soya Original and Unsweetened drink in support of WWF’s forest work. For every liter sold, Alpro will donate 0,10 EUR to WWF, to help fight deforestation in some of the world’s most vulnerable habitats. Based on last year’s success in Belgium and Luxembourg, the fundraising campaign to support WWF’s forest work has this year also been expanded to the UK, Sweden and Finland.

  • First Flemish soya soon to be harvested

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    First Flemish soya soon to be harvested

    Alpro, AVEVE, the Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries have combined forces to cultivate Flemish soya for the food sector. Five farmers are among those pioneering the professional cultivation of soya in Flanders. Their combined soya harvest for this year is estimated to be 100 tonnes.

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    Statement on the judgment of the EU Court of Justice on the denomination of plant-based products: nothing new

    At Alpro we are clear on how to label and talk about plant-based food and drink, and are diligent in following all current regulations. We use the denomination soy drink and communicate about plant-based alternatives to yogurt avoiding any kind of confusion between ‘milk’ or ‘yoghurt’ and their plant-based alternatives. Transparent communication is in the interest of consumers and Alpro. Alpro stands for plant-based food, wishes to communicate clearly about this and with its messages wishes to distinguish itself from dairy products. For Alpro, this judgment is not really something new. There is also no impact on the manner in which Alpro is designating its products.

  • Danone and WhiteWave/Alpro complete acquisition and drive the Alimentation Revolution together

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    Danone and WhiteWave/Alpro complete acquisition and drive the Alimentation Revolution together

    Alpro becomes key contributor to grow the plant-based category around the world Danone and Alpro join forces to further fuel plant-based business growth. Alpro will be a key contributor within the newly created Plant-Based Business Unit with the aim to expand and grow the plant-based category around the world. Together, Danone and WhiteWave/Alpro will drive the Alimentation Revolution.

  • More plant-based foods can save government over a billion euros

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    More plant-based foods can save government over a billion euros

    Remarkable scientific findings presented at the Alpro Foundation’s 20th anniversary symposium. The Alpro Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary today. The aim of this independent institute, founded in 1996, is to support scientific research on plant-based nutrition and to promote knowledge and awareness of issues around food and health. So as not to let this special anniversary pass unnoticed, today the Foundation is hosting a celebratory symposium in Brussels, where leading health experts will come together to discuss the latest scientific knowledge about plant-based nutrition.

  • Alpro and WWF join forces against deforestation

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    Alpro and WWF join forces against deforestation

    The ECOmakala project, together with local farmers and businessmen, is protecting the innumerable riches of the Virunga Park in Congo Alpro, who’s never using soybeans from deforestated areas, is supporting the ECOmakala project, working hand-in-hand with WWF in order to halt the deforestation of the Virunga Park in East Congo. There, trees are being felled on an enormous scale for the production of wood charcoal, “makala” in Swahili. By working with the local farmers to plant special woodland areas and with local businessmen to manufacture stoves that help to use 30% less charcoal, the project is “killing three birds with one stone”: helping to protect the natural forest, providing extra jobs, and lowering energy costs for tens of thousands of families. Alpro and WWF now want to get consumers involved: for each Alpro soya drink Original 1L sold in the coming weeks, 10 cents will go to the ECOmakala project and help to prevent the deforestation of the Virunga Park.

  • Next chapter for WhiteWave

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    Next chapter for WhiteWave

    Today WhiteWave announced that they have entered in a merger with Danone under which Danone will acquire WhiteWave. It is expected that the transaction will close by the end of this year. Both companies are committed to providing consumers with great-tasting, responsibly-produced healthy foods and beverages, environmental stewardship and serving our communities. At Alpro we will continue to build on our mission and strategy and concentrate us on the further implementation thereof. Until the transaction closes, WhiteWave and Danone are seperate companies and it should be business as usual. For the press: Alpro - Ann De Jaeger, VP Corporate Communications - tel. +32 475 20 13 44 - +32 9 260 21 09 – ann.dejaeger@alpro.com

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    Millions invested and high level of recruitment three years running at Alpro

    Investing in a green future: Alpro is a frontrunner in the field of CO2 reduction with a scientific basis. Ghent, 2 June 2016 – The European food company Alpro is witnessing the market for plant-based drinks and food products grow steadily year after year. As the company is experiencing continued growth, it confirmed a further investment of no less than €115 million in 2016. Around 160 new jobs will also be created. This comes after considerable investments were already made in 2015, when 200 extra employees were hired. Alpro moreover demonstrates that these strong growth figures go hand in hand with sustainability. As a member of the WWF Climate Savers Programme, the company is setting itself strict targets with a scientific basis for CO2 reduction by 2020.

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    Less sugar, more local soya

    Alpro proves that health, environment and growth can go hand in hand Ghent, 17 December 2015 - Alpro publishes its sustainability report. In this report, the company clarifies its vision and concrete actions with regard to sustainability. An essential part of this vision is the further reduction of CO2 emissions and water usage, and a sustainable use of raw materials. Alpro also attaches a great deal of importance to the reduction of sugar and saturated fat in its complete product range in the fight against obesity and important steps are taken toward local soya cultivation.

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    Alpro invests 80 million Euro in 2015

    250 new recruits in 2015, of which 200 in Belgium Alpro, the European food company sees a strong growth of the market of plant-based drinks and food products and grows even faster. The company wants to maintain this pace and therefore continues to invest and innovate. Alpro invests, among others, in eight new production lines, which will hugely increase its production capacity for Europe and will also result in extra employment, mainly in Belgium. Both the sale of soy drinks, plant-based alternatives to yoghurt and the sale of drinks based on other ingredients such as almonds, oat, rice and coconut continue to increase.

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