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  • Alpro and WWF join forces against deforestation

    The ECOmakala project, together with local farmers and businessmen, is protecting the innumerable riches of the Virunga Park in Congo

    Alpro, who’s never using soybeans from deforestated areas, is supporting the ECOmakala project, working hand-in-hand with WWF in order to halt the deforestation of the Virunga Park in East Congo. There, trees are being felled on an enormous scale for the production of wood charcoal, “makala” in Swahili. By working with the local farmers to plant special woodland areas and with local businessmen to manufacture stoves that help to use 30% less charcoal, the project is “killing three birds with one stone”: helping to protect the natural forest, providing extra jobs, and lowering energy costs for tens of thousands of families. Alpro and WWF now want to get consumers involved: for each Alpro soya drink Original 1L sold in the coming weeks, 10 cents will go to the ECOmakala project and help to prevent the deforestation of the Virunga Park.

  • Next chapter for WhiteWave

    Today WhiteWave announced that they have entered in a merger with Danone under which Danone will acquire WhiteWave. It is expected that the transaction will close by the end of this year.

    Both companies are committed to providing consumers with great-tasting, responsibly-produced healthy foods and beverages, environmental stewardship and serving our communities.

    At Alpro we will continue to build on our mission and strategy and concentrate us on the further implementation thereof. Until the transaction closes, WhiteWave and Danone are seperate companies and it should be business as usual.

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  • The Story of Alpro

    Changing the way the world eats for the better.

    What started out with turning soya into the first plant-based drinks now flourished into a multi category multi ingredient range.
    Today, millions of people have embraced plant-based eating.

    In a world becoming ever more conscious about living healthy and sustainable, we at Alpro believe in a growing need for plant-based.

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  • Alpro Sustainable Development Report 2015

    Alpro proves that health, environment and growth can go hand in hand

    Alpro publishes its sustainability report. In this report, the company clarifies its vision and concrete actions with regard to sustainability. An essential part of this vision is the further reduction of CO2 emissions and water usage, and a sustainable use of raw materials. Alpro also attaches a great deal of importance to the reduction of sugar and saturated fat in its complete product range in the fight against obesity and important steps are taken toward local soya cultivation.