Ghent, 19 September 2017 – Today the Flemish Institute for a Healthy Life (Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven, formerly known as VIGeZ) launches a revised version of the well-known diet triangle. The new dietary model focuses primarily on a plant-based diet, sustainable diet choices, and diet variation. Alpro welcomes this evolution as it perfectly fits in with Alpro's vision and plant-based product offering.

Revised diet triangle

We all support initiatives such as 'Start to Run' and watch cooking shows on TV, but at the same time there is still much confusion as to what is healthy and what is not. The Flemish Institute for Healthy Living starts from prevailing dietary habits and aims to turn them into healthy and sustainable eating patterns with the new dietary model, which takes the form of an inverted triangle.

The new dietary model is no longer targeted mainly at health professionals, but directly speaks to the general public. With the new inverted triangle, the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living wants to motivate all citizens to live healthy lives, where health is much more than just food: it is a holistic model that looks not only at foods and dietary patterns, but also at our level of physical and mental well-being. In addition, an exercise model was developed which shows that activities like walking or gardening also contribute to our well-being.