Shop Well - Eat Well Resources

Shop Well - Eat Well Resources

Shop Well – Eat Well are producing some practical and engaging resources to inspire and help consumers overcome their barriers to healthy eating.  Please feel free to share our resources in your communications alongside our hashtag:


We will keep the new resources coming so do watch out for more.

Healthy Store Cupboard Essentials Infographic

A visual guide to help ensure store cupboards are stocked with healthy affordable ingredients needed to produce tasty and nutritious meals in minutes and help prevent impulse buys.

Waste Less Food & Save Up to £770 per year

A highly visual two page fact sheet for professionals and consumers, full of motivational facts and tips: how much money is lost by individuals and families from throwing away food, top tips on how to cut back on waste, save money and eat healthfully and sustainability.  And for social media, a powerful image highlighting the impact of food waste and how much we actually throw away.

Savvy Shopping for Health Infographic

A highly visual guide providing consumers with 10 clever tips on how they can shop healthfully whilst saving money.