Alpro Growing Up Soya Drink 1-3+ years

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11 May 2018
Alpro Growing Up Soya Drink 1-3+ years

Alpro Growing Up Soya Drink 1-3+ has been formulated to better meet the specific nutrient needs of young children. The first of its kind, Alpro Soya 1-3+ is suitable as a main milk drink for children 1 year onwards and, as it is 100% plant-based, ideal for those following a dairy-free diet whether they are lactose intolerant, have an allergy to cow's milk protein or following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

  • High quality protein
  • Higher energy level compared to other plain soya alternatives to milk, providing adequate energy for young children
  • Provides iron, calcium, iodine and vitamins B2, B12 and D
  • Low in sugars (2.5g per 100ml)

Alpro Soya 1-3+ can be used in cooking and food preparation from 6 months of age, and its nutrition profile makes it a suitable soya alternative to milk for use as a main milk source from the age of one.