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Plant-based Eating: the latest evidence and practice

Added on 14/05/2018

Alpro's Science and Nutrition team continues to work together with leading nutrition and health experts to review the latest scientific publications and practical implications for plant-based eating.

As a result, they have recently produced three evidence-based and fully referenced fact sheets on the topic of plant-based eating and fibre as well as webinars and infographics to help put the latest evidence into context of current UK and Irish eating habits.

The role of plant-based drinks in the British and Irish diet.

Vanessa Clarkson, RD - Published: March 2018

Our latest 8-page fully referenced fact sheet providing an overview of the latest literature for the role of plant-based drinks in the diet. Vanessa presents the evidence in context of our current eating patterns and how plant-based drinks impact on our nutritional and health status as well as the environment.

Plant food sources of protein for optimum health & muscle status.

Vanessa Clarkson, RD - Published: August 2017
A 4-page fully referenced fact sheet reviewing the latest scientific evidence for plant food sources of protein and their role in health and muscle status. This review provides the latest insights into plant protein quality, mineral bioavailability from plant-based diets, meal protein loading for optimum muscle protein synthesis and the environmental impact of our food choices.

Fibre & health.

Dr Megan Rossi & Dr Eirini Dimidi - Published: November 2017.

Dietitians and researchers Dr Rossi and Dr Dimidi from King's College London, provide us with a comprehensive update on the scientific evidence and practical implication for dietary fibre and health.  The 4-page fact sheet includes insights into the new UK recommendations and classifications of fibre, mechanisms of action, health benefits as well as extensive practical guidance using everyday foods.
Webinar: Dietary fibre: an old concept in new light? 
19th June 2018.

Dietary fibre has been dubbed the Cinderella nutrient, but could it be the secret for optimal gut health? In recent years, our understanding of dietary fibre has progressed considerably uncovering potential therapeutic opportunities applicable in both health and disease which further supports the importance of healthy plant-based eating patterns.  Dr Megan Rossi from King's College London reviews the latest evidence, current recommendations and future areas of research to support clinicians in practice.

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Webinar: Plant proteins for optimum health – the evidence and the practice. December 2017.

Organised in association with the INDI & BDA. Speaker and dietitian Vanessa Clarkson, presents the latest evidence to support the inclusion of more plant food sources of protein in the diet for health.  The webinar addresses common misconceptions and provides practical ideas for plant-based eating that dietitians and nutritionists can use with their clients.

Practical infographics & top tips to inspire all to increase fibre intakes.

NEW for June 2018

Plant power your healthy diet with soya drinks.


Simple ways to boost fibre at breakfast time.

UK fibre intakes and how to bridge the gap

Soya drinks nutritional profile and benefits at a glance.

The leading soya drinks on the market provide essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium and vitamins B2, B12 and D. Additianally they are a source of high quality protein and naturally low in saturated fat.

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A selection of cereal, cereal toppers as well as toast and tasty toppers that can help bridge the fibre gap.  All options displayed as common household measures and fibre content per recommended serve.

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Visually demonstrating the difference between current intakes and the new fibre recommendations  and providing simple solutions to increase intakes at breakfast.