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NEW Soya & Health Fact Sheets

Added on 02/08/2018

Professor Mark Messina from Loma Linda University has reviewed the latest evidence for the role of soya in a healthy balanced diet of young children and adults.

His extensive review of the scientific evidence is presented in our latest fact sheets.  Both fact sheets investigate the controversies around soya isoflavones and mineral bioavailability, soya foods' nutritional profile in context of current national plant-based healthy eating guidelines and the health benefits associated with regular soya food consumption.
Soya and the Health of Young People provides the reader with an overview of the latest clinical evidence on the role of soya food and soya infant formulae in the diets of young children from infancy through to teenage years.  It unravels the science behind the controversies surrounding soya in this population group and summarises the findings from the abundance of clinical trials which demonstrate soya foods' numerous nutritional and health benefits when incorporated into the daily diets of young people.
Soya Food: An Important Part of Healthy Eating Guidelines investigates how incorporating just one or two servings of soya foods in our daily diet has the potential to significantly improve health outcomes including heart disease and cancer.  It also tackles common controversies such as the role of isoflavones and human health; highlighting the importance of basing dietary advice on findings from studies using whole foods and human subjects rather than individual food components and rodents.