Alpro Focuses on its 'No Sugars' Range

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17 Jan 2020
Alpro Focuses on its 'No Sugars' Range

With the help of Usain Bolt, Alpro's Good for You campaign kicks off 2020 with a big focus on its 'no sugars' range of plant-based drinks and alternatives to yogurt.  With the ever-growing interest in plant-based eating and record number of consumers signing up to the Veganuary challenge, the need for truly healthier sustainable dairy alternatives is crucial.

Alpro is showcasing its range of 'no sugars' soya, almond and oat drinks and its 'no sugars' soya alternative to yogurt.  The range is also naturally low in saturated fats and fortified with vitamins and minerals: calcium (120mg/100ml) and vitamins D (0.75mcg/100ml), B2 (0.21mg/100ml) and B12 (0.38mcg/100ml).

The Alpro Unsweetened Range: