FareShare, Recipes & Reducing Waste

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21 Jan 2021
FareShare, Recipes & Reducing Waste

The media headlines have made us all aware of the increasing demand for food donations to vulnerable individuals during 2020 and into the new year, as the economy has hit the most deprived.

FareShare has been leading the way in ensuring charities nationally, including schools and children's centres, are receiving food donations that they can turn into nutritious meals .

More than 21K tonnes surplus food (designated for the bin) re-distributed in one year to 11,000 national charities feeding 1 million individuals a week

FareShare is one of the leading charities that redistributes surplus food (destined for the bin) from retail and manufacturers to 11,000 national charities and community groups who go on to produce over 3 million nutritious meals every week.  The charities care for a variety of vulnerable individuals including those experiencing homelessness, mental health, domestic violence, loneliness and families using breakfast, after school and holiday clubs to make ends meet and allow children to learn without hunger. 

Alpro & FareShare join forces to help charity cooks get inspired in the kitchen with their donations

Which foods appear in the FareShare donations is always variable and sometimes charity cooks are faced with a glut of perishable foods - especially fruit and vegetables and/or products they are not familar with.  Alpro and FareShare joined forces last year and produced monthly recipe cards for charity cooks providing ideas on the versatility of many of their donations.  All recipes focused on the core glut perishable produce and plant-based drinks and alternatives to yogurt which a number of charity cooks were struggling to use.  A year later, and FareShare has reported a complete turn around in the use of the recipe products.

And the recipe inspiration continues in the new year with two new recipes