Why over 1 million individuals have taken up the Veganuary pledge

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20 Jan 2021
Why over 1 million individuals have taken up the Veganuary pledge

Veganuary is back for 2021 and it’s bigger and louder than ever with the explosion of vegan offerings.  Meat-free and vegan options are no longer a niche market, but readily available, easily accessible, and heavily marketed to all individuals.

Who’s taking up the Veganuary challenge & why?

Over 1 million individuals have signed up to the Veganuary challenge since its launch in 2014; pledging to go vegan for the 31 days of January with many hoping to continue beyond January.

Veganuary 2021 is still in progress, however, in 2020 the results have been collated:

  • UK had the biggest uptake of all 192 countries taking part
  • 400K individuals officially signed up to take the challenge last January alone
  • The majority were motivated by health issues (38%) or animal welfare (37%)
  • Predominantly females aged 18-54 years
  • Once trying it, many (68%) want to keep going beyond January

But the numbers who go ‘meat-free’ during January in the UK goes beyond those that officially sign up to Veganuary!

Veganuary marketing reached the masses; mentions in popular TV shows such as Gavin & Stacey’s Christmas Special with an audience of 11.6 million, and high presence on social media, it is not surprising that:

  • Over 1.3 million Brits went meat-free (just 28% were official Veganuary sign-ups) with 72% saying they want to continue beyond January
  • Again, health was the key motivator for dropping meat
  • A slightly older group, 30-64 years, is buying into meat-free offerings
  • Meat-free sales saw a 40% increase last year, with a 388% increase in vegan takeaways and over half the UK population actively reducing their meat intakes


The UK Veganuary Business Support Toolkit 2021 - click here to download

Recipes galore to tempt all to dip their toes into plant-based eating

Veganuary and the Vegan Society have released new recipes to inspire individuals and demonstrated how far vegan cuisine has come in taste, ease and healthfulness.

Breakfast perfect pairings

The Vegan Society has once again teamed up with Alpro to launch breakfast perfect pairings – recipes which demonstrate the nutritional powerhouse of breakfast when combining cereals, fruit, seeds, nuts, and plant-based drinks and/or alternatives to yogurt.