Will you be joining the growing Veganuary movement in January?

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20 Dec 2021
Will you be joining the growing Veganuary movement in January?

Veganuary is getting more popular year by year, and with plant-based eating dominating the 2021 media headlines, 2022 is looking to be the most successful to date. Veganuary aims to exceed its 2021 impressive impact:

  • 1 in 20 UK individuals experimented going vegan in Veganuary
  • 1 in 5 households have at least one member avoiding or reducing meat intakes
  • 6.6 million households regularly include vegan products in their baskets

The Veganuary statistics continue to demonstrate a growing awareness and willingness to experiment with vegan products and vegan options when eating out.

However, we must not lose sight of the fact that few are adopting a 100% vegan diet at just 600,000 (less than 1%) of the population.1  And the percentage of those individuals who are adopting a healthy vegan diet has yet to be established – with many of the new ‘vegan’ alternatives hitting the shelves high in saturated fat, salt and/or sugars. 

What we do know is that few of us are adopting a healthy plant-based dietary pattern.  Less than 0.1% of the UK population is in fact consuming healthy plant foods such as wholegrains, vegetables, nuts and seeds in any appreciable quantities.2  And the benefits of incorporating more healthful plant foods to both human and planetary health cannot be underestimated.3

Clearly there is a growing willingness for more plant-based foods and Veganuary is a great opportunity to drive more sustainable plant-based eating habits.  Registered dietitians’ and nutritionists’ involvement during Veganuary can be a powerful vehicle to help motivate all individuals to incorporate not only plant foods within their day-to-day repertoire – but more importantly, we are best qualified to help individuals navigate towards the healthy plant-based food options proven to benefit both human and planetary health.


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