New Alpro Foundation plant-based nutrition science website preview

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01 Jun 2022
New Alpro Foundation plant-based nutrition science website preview

Alpro Foundation has been a scientific platform for over 25 years dedicated to supporting research and the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge on plant-based nutrition and its impact on health and environment amongst academics, healthcare professionals and key stakeholders in nutrition.  The ultimate aim is to help drive the transition to more healthful plant-based diets for human and planetary health.

Underpinning Alpro Foundation’s scientific integrity is an independent Scientific Advisory Board (link to Scientific Board home page) of 8 leading academic experts who provide direction and advice and ensure the scientific credibility of the education tools. 

The scientific team and the website designers have  been hard at work over the last six months fully updating both the content and look of our website.  The result is an easy to navigate website with the latest reviews, reports and events on sustainable plant-based eating at your fingertips.  

The full website is due to launch in September 2022.  However, for June, Alpro Foundation is offering professionals a sneaky preview showing off the new look as well as access to 27 scientific reviews and reports.