Our Ingredient Bases

Let's talk about almonds

All our lovely almonds are grown in the sunny Mediterranean, mostly fed by rainwater. And when the sky doesn’t provide quite enough, our farmers use drip irrigation, a way that makes every last drop count. Once they’re ripened by the sun, we harvest them, and maybe just lightly toast them to bring out the nutty flavour before turning them into our delicious almond based foods, ice creams, desserts and drinks.

Our almonds are pretty special, here's what you need to know

  • Traditionally grown

    Traditionally grown

    Our almonds are grown on small farms in Spain and Italy, largely pollinated by wild bees and other flying insects. Letting nature do its job.

  • Zero net loss biodiversity

    Zero net loss biodiversity

    We're working hard with our almond farmers to use the plants, ponds and hedges in their orchards to attract wildlife back onto their land.

  • Nicely nutty

    Nicely nutty

    Lightly roasted or raw, naked and natural. Our almonds are delicious either way, and our drinks are just perfect for your bakes and cakes.

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