Our Ingredient Bases

Let's talk about coconuts

Coconut’s the gift that keeps on giving. Coconut water, milk and cream, the wonderful snowy white flesh. They all find their way into our brimming-with-bliss coconut products. Then the rest goes into coconut oil, biomass or even furniture. We love it when there’s no waste!

Our coconuts are pretty special, here's what you need to know

  • A little taste of paradise

    A little taste of paradise

    One taste of refreshing coconut and life’s a beach. It can be light and delicate or full-on rich and ridiculously indulgent. Either way, it’s coconuttily deee-licious!

  • Good to know…

    Good to know…

    Coconut palms are part of South East Asia’s natural eco system, need no watering, next to no fertiliser, and can carry on producing coconuts to the ripe old age of 100!

  • Get cooking with coconut

    Get cooking with coconut

    Think cool smoothies, creamy coffee, cakes and curries, breakfasts and bakes. There’s nothing that coconut won’t add a ray of sunshine to.

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