2.0 PBAY - Strawberry 500g

2.0 PBAY - Strawberry 500g

You love that fruity taste. So, we added fruit. Delicious, lusciously biteable strawberry pieces, to be precise, blended into our silky-smooth soya. No brainer.

Got a flavour in mind?

  • Source of calcium

    Source of calcium

  • Rich in plant protein

    Rich in plant protein

  • Naturally low in fat

    Naturally low in fat

  • Source of vitamins B2, B12, D

    Source of vitamins B2, B12, D

Learn a little more about our Strawberry Flavoured Plant-based Alternative to Yoghurt
  • Love fruit taste? Add fruit! So we did. Enjoy the mild texture with delicious strawberry fruit pieces blended in for a luscious bite. No brainer.

    • 천연 무유당
    • 100% 식물성
    • 베지테리언
    • 당연히 저지방
    • 당연히 포화지방이 적음
    • 고품질 단백질 공급원
    • 칼슘 공급원. 비타민 B2
    • 지방
      2.1 g
      3 %
    • 소금
      0.23 g
      2240 %
    • 에너지
      68 kcal
      0 %
    • 설탕
      7.9 g
      9 %
    • 포화
      0.4 g
      2 %
    Typical Valuesper 100g
    에너지286 kJ / 68 kcal
    지방2.1 g
    포화0.4 g
    단일불포화0.5 g
    고도 불포화 유지1.2 g
    탄수화물8.1 g
    설탕7.9 g
    섬유질1 g
    단백질3.6 g
    소금0.23 g
    비타민 D0.75 µg
    비타민 B20.21 mg
    비타민 B120.38 µg
    칼슘120 mg