kokosové nápoje

Alpro Kokosový Nápoj BIO

Hello sunshine! There are plenty of reasons to love Alpro Organic Coconut drink. For one thing, it’s made using organically grown coconuts – better for the planet and nature too. Also, there are no added sugars*, only what’s there naturally. But best of all, it tastes just wonderful – cool and coconutty, like a trip to the tropics.

I’m a total lightweight, with a low carbon footprint to match, because I’m 70% renewable paper and the rest of me is recyclable-plastic with just a thin layer of aluminum.

*Contains naturally occurring sugars

Size and variants

This product is available in 1L.

  • Naturally Lactose Free
  • 100% plant-based
  • Vegetarian
  • Naturally low in fat
  • Without added sugars or sweeteners.

Chodíte na kokosové orechy?

Prečo sa napiť nejakého nápoja Alpro Coconut a predstierať, že ležíte na pokojnej pláži, tešia sa z piesku a mora ... Nezáleží na tom, či cvičenie preskočíte len na jeden deň, nie?


FYI, tieto dobroty by sa ti mohli páčiť...