What is almond drink?

At Alpro we call our products Almond Drinks and not almond milks – why, you ask? By definition – milk is a nutrient-rich food produced by mammary glands of mammals – and our tasty Almond Drink products are completely plant-based!

Naturally lactose free, low in sugars, and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, there's plenty to love about Alpro almond drink. Our tasty almond drink is made using sustainable Mediterranean almonds that are gently roasted, soaked, blended, and strained to perfection. The result? A delicious and creamy tasting plant-based drink ready for hot and cold drinks and go-to breakfasts and snacks. We’re talking cereal, porridge, and protein shakes. And loads more.

A source of calcium, vitamin D, E, B12, and B2 to the table, this drink fits into a healthy balanced diet packs a big when it comes to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Whether it's our delicious original almond drink, our sugars free alternative, or the creamy, caramelised almond drink you're looking for, we’ve got all things almond.

Alpro almond drink benefits

Wanting a plant based drink that has added calcium and vitamin D? or looking to cut back on the sugars? Our almond drink with added calcium and vitamin D is a healthy* and delicious plant-based drink.

Almond drink is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those with dietary sensitivities like gluten and lactose intolerance, our almond drink range opens up plenty of doors in the kitchen.

From refreshing iced coffees, smoothies, and dairy-free baked goods there are so many ways to explore this versatile almond drink. Our range of almond drinks also includes delicious variations like Dark Chocolate, No Sugars, and Creamy Caramelised Almond drink. They’re ideal for enjoying on their own or incorporating into your favourite recipes and desserts. Delicately nutty, creamy, and super delicious - we’re all about almond.

*Source of calcium. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for good health.