An introduction to our Barista range

Love coffee? You’re in good company. Here at Alpro, we’re pretty big coffee fanatics (it is another plant based drink, after all). In fact, we love it so much, we decided to make a dedicated range of plant-based drinks for use in all your favourite hot drinks.

The Alpro Barista range

Introducing the Alpro Barista range – a tasty collection of fabulously foamable plant-based drinks ready to be steamed, frothed, and whipped into your coffee house favourites. We’re talking lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, and more.

Naturally low in saturated fat these coffee-inspired plant drinks make a great addition to a balanced diet. With four delicious varieties including oat, soya, coconut, and almond, this tasty new barista range is great for those who choose to cut out dairy from their diet, meaning more frothy coffee for everyone. So, which is best milk for frothing? Let’s find out.

Let’s talk coffee

Now, time for some real coffee talk. When it comes to making the perfect latte or cappuccino, we know that the details can make or break your brew. Whether it’s the milk-to-foam ratio, the quality of the latte art, or the creaminess of the overall cuppa, we took great care (and some much-enjoyed taste testing) to craft a perfectly steamable, frothable, and all-around tasty range of plant-based drinks ideal for coffee and tea.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more awesome, these naturally vegan, barista-inspired drinks are made using sustainable ingredients including 100% European oats, traceable rainforest and GMO-free soya, and rain-fed almonds from Mediterranean farms. Basically, all the good stuff. The packaging is also 100% recyclable, making it even easier to do your bit for the planet.

If you’ve not yet had a chance to try these new plant-based drinks in our Barista range (or need a dash more convincing - we get it, coffee is precious), check out a little more detail on each flavour below.

Alpro Barista Coconut

Offering a subtly sweet, coconutty flavour, Alpro Barista Coconut is a great option for hot drinks like lattes and flat whites that use steamed milk. That’s right, this creamy dairy free drink is suitable for steaming and combining with a wide range of coffee types for the perfect coconut-based brew. Better yet, it also provides a shiny microfoam layer – time to go coconuts with your latte art.

Alpro Barista Almond

Ideal for both frothy and flat coffees, Alpro Barista Almond is a super-versatile dairy free drink suitable for hot and cold coffee-based drinks. Enjoy piping hot or served over ice for a refreshing iced Americano. With a subtle almond taste, this Barista drink is also naturally low in sugars and low in saturated fat.

Alpro Barista Soya

When it comes to making great coffee, Alpro Barista Soya just might be your new best friend. As one of the most versatile options in our new Barista range, this tasty drink can be served frothy or flat as well as hot or cold. Fancy a brew? Alpro Barista Soya is also fantastic in tea (seriously, trust us on this one).

Alpro Barista Oat

Another frothy and creamy favourite in the bunch! With a mild oaty flavour, Alpro Barista Oat tastes great with your favourite coffee, offering a subtly sweet flavour. Enjoyed frothed and flat as well as hot and chilled, this versatile drink is bound to be a barista staple.