What’s the best drink choice for your brew?

Since the early days of plant-based dairy alternatives, we’ve come a really long way, especially when it comes to coffee based drinks and tea.

After years of experimenting and innovating with different milks for coffee – we’re talking oats, almonds, cashews, coconuts, and rice – us coffee lovers are now spoilt for choice. Nowadays, crafting a delicious and perfectly frothy latte, macchiato, or vegan hot chocolate is easier than ever (even without the fancy barista equipment).

So, which is the best plant based drink for coffee? In our experience, plant-based drinks with a thicker consistency tend to work a little better for coffee-based drinks. For the best results, try experimenting with a few of your favourites to see what delicious plant-based coffees you can create. With the right amount of stirring, steaming, and frothing, you’ll be whipping up your coffee shop go-tos in no time.

Here we’ve outlined some of the most popular coffee house favourites along with the best Alpro products to help you perfect all your favourite hot drinks.

Best for a Frothy-Top Coffee: Oat Drink

Is oat drink good in coffee? You betcha! All about their deliciously frothy top and milky consistency, lattes, cappuccinos, and hot mochas are common favourites among coffee lovers. With a subtly sweet taste and creamy texture that produces a fab froth, oat drink for coffee is a great choice for whipping up an at-home plant-based latte or cappuccino.

If you don’t have access to your own frother at home, achieving the ideal froth can take just a little effort. Simply pour some of your heated Alpro oat drink into a French press, pop on the lid, and pump until a bubbly froth starts to form. Once your oat drink looks delicious enough to top your perfect latte, cappuccino, or mocha, simply assemble your drink and enjoy.

For the best possible dairy -free latte or cappuccino at home, check out our fabulously foamable Barista Oat Drink, perfect for creating barista style vegan hot and cold drinks.

Best for Flat Whites: Oat and Soya Drink

Offering all the creamy goodness of a latte or cappuccino without the frothy top, a flat white is another popular choice for coffee connoisseurs. Combining only a steamed plant drink and freshly brewed coffee, making cafe-standard flat whites is a fairly simple process that doesn’t require as much effort as its frothy friends. So, what’s the best plant-based drink for coffee when it comes to flat whites?

For an ideal plant-based drink that can be steamed for the perfect flat white, try our Oat and Soya based Barista drinks - a dairy free alternative that has been fortified with vitamins and minerals a that works perfectly in your coffee-house favourites.

Best for Tea - Soya and Almond Drink

When it comes to making the ideal brew, things can get a little more, well, personal. Whether it’s the brand of tea bag, the brewing time, or the type of milk, a ‘good brew’ means different things to different people. For some, finding the right plant-based drink for the best tea will take a little experimentation, however many people stick with soya or almond drink.

Catering to all strengths of tea, we developed the soya-based My Cuppa drink for making the perfect plant-based brew. This tried-and tested vegan favourite is naturally low in saturated fat and sugars, and a source of protein and fibre too.