The facts about our packs*

We’re the pioneers of plant-based. The gurus of good for you. Alpro was born plant-based, way back in 1980, and we’ve been banging that big, plant-based drum ever since. Our mission back then was the same as it is now: to bring health through food to as many people as possible.

*And what we’re doing to make them better.

The facts about our packs*

In other words:

Food that is healthier for you and healthier for the planet. And we feel just as passionately about our packaging. We’re not where we’d like to be. Yet. But we’re sure as anything giving it our all to get there.

Good from the inside out

You know that old saying it’s what’s inside that counts? We totally believe it. Inside our packs you’ll find only the best plant-based ingredients. But we’re taking a look at what’s happening on the outside, too. Our packaging works. Great. But that’s not enough, is it? We want to know where it comes from and where it’s going to go when the job is done.

We’re not there yet

But we know where we want to be. So here’s our three step plan for our packaging, clear and transparent.

  • Less packaging

    Reduce the total amount of packaging we use.

  • 100% recyclable packaging

    Make absolutely everything 100% recyclable by 2025.

  • Plant based packaging

    Use materials with the lowest possible eco impact we can find. Like plastic from sugar cane, renewable, sustainable, so much more us!

  • Say ‘hello’ to all our lovely packs

    What's Next

    In 2020 it’s hello to plant-based plastics in our drinks cartons, then goodbye to plastic straws by 2021. Give us another five years, and all our plant-based drinks will come in 100% plant-based drink cartons, cutting CO2 emissions by 40%. And more good news for 2020. Our brand new premium plant-based drinks will come in bottles made from 50% recycled PET. Even better our new plant-based alternatives to yoghurt drinks will come in 100% recycled PET bottles. And because they’re all 100% recyclable that’s a big step forward towards circular packaging. That’s just the start. We’re committed to this and we hope it will inspire more brands to do the same.

    What we’ll do, and when

    Here it is. Plain and straightforward.

    • Serve our premium drinks in rPET bottles made from 50% recycled plastic and our plant-based alternatives to yoghurt drinks in 100% rPET bottles.

    • Increase the proportion of plant-based materials in our 1L drinks cartons to the maximum possible: 89% for the ambient drinks cartons and 96% for chilled drinks cartons.

    • Replace plastic straws with a more sustainable alternative.       

    • Use only100% recycled paper and cardboard when we can, and when we can’t, use FSC certified virgin materials.

    Still got questions?

    • Good question. We had to look it up, too. rPET is simply PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate to give it its full name) that’s already been recycled at least once. Just one of the reasons we’ve chosen it for our snazzy new drinks bottles. Next, it’s easy to turn into any shape you like. And here’s the third reason why we like it – it’s just as easy to turn it straight into new bottles or any other food packaging when it’s done its job, and there aren’t many plastics you can do that with.

    • We know it must seem a little strange when everyone’s talking about cutting down on plastic. But here’s the thing. The plastic we’ve chosen is already recycled rPET. And once it’s done its our job keeping our drinks fresh, it can be recycled again and again. And the deal maker for us? PET’s the only plastic that can be turned straight back into food packaging. Just think! That one little nugget of plastic that made your bottle could simply keep on going as a bottle. Never on land fill, never in the ocean. It keeps our designers happy, too, because it can be turned into any shape our they come up with. So not just useful, a pretty face as well!

    • The short answer is, yes, 100% recyclable depending on where you live. The long answer? The main body of the bottle is 100% recyclable. The HDPE cap is recyclable, too – all you have to do is rescrew it back onto the bottle before you pop it in the recycling bin. Which just leaves that smart outer sleeve. Because it’s coloured, you’ll need to peel it off before you recycle the bottle. It’s recyclable in some countries, but unlike transparent uncoloured PET might be used to make a fleece rather than a new food pack.

    • Trust us, whenever we create something new or redesign the pack for one of your favourites, we look very hard at what we use materials wise. Cartons have their good points and they’re perfect for some products, but for our premium and plant-based alternative to yogurt drinks, plastic bottles won out. Lightweight, resealable and 100% recyclable. And at 50% of the PET in the bottle will be already recycled before we get our hands on it and we’re working on making that 100% for every single bottle.

    • Number one, naturally we’d only pick something safe, tried and tested for food. Number two, it has to be 100% recyclable just about anywhere or we couldn’t hold our heads up. PET’s both of those, perfect for keeping our drinks fresh and the only plastic that can be turned straight back into brand new food packaging. We love the thought of our plastic going straight from bottle to bottle! And we like rPET is even more because it’s already been recycled at least once before we get our hands on it. Lighter on materials, lighter on the planet.