What is coconut drink?

We don’t call our coconut products milk. Why not you ask? By definition – milk is a nutrient-rich food produced by mammary glands of mammals – and our tasty coconut-based products are completely plant-based!

Each carton of our plant-based coconut drink provides a source of vitamins and minerals like calcium (a whopping 120mg / 100ml), vitamin D, and vitamin B12 (yep, B12 is the one that helps reduce tiredness and fatigue as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle).

Naturally lactose and gluten free, our original coconut drink is a great all-rounder for those with dietary sensitivities. Unlike the thick coconut milk used in cooking, this plant-based drink is blended with rice and water, producing a smooth and delicious tropical drink bursting with flavour. It’s great for use in your favourite breakfasts like cereal and porridge, in both savoury and sweet cooking, as well as tasty smoothies and hot drinks. Yep, there's plenty to love about this healthy* coconut-based beverage. With No Sugars, Creamy Coconut Cold Pressed drink, and Chilled versions available, there's plenty of choice and variety in our tasty coconut drink range.

*Alpro Original Coconut drink is a source of calcium. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for good health.

What are the benefits of coconut drink?

Where do we start? Coconut drink is one of our favourite plant-based drinks. Not only is our ingredients transported by boat to minimise carbon footprint, it can also fit into a healthy* lifestyle.

Reported coconut drink benefits include reduced tiredness and fatigue* (from all that fantastic B12)

You can use it just about anywhere you'd traditionally use drink, whether it's in your smoothies and hot drinks, in your baked goods, or on its own.

Whether you're looking for a change from your usual plant-based drink or are making the leap towards more plant-based or vegan diet, we're confident you'll love this tasty coconut-based drink. What's not to love? Bring a little piece of paradise home with our coconut drink, available in Original, Chilled, No Sugars, and as a Creamy Cold Pressed drink.

*Alpro coconut drink is a source of B12. Vitamin B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for good health.

Is coconut drink good for you?

If you're new to plant-based drink like coconut drink, you might be wondering, 'is coconut drink healthy?' Well, let us tell you this:

Not only is coconut drink delicious - it's also a source of calcium (120mg / 100ml), vitamin D (0.75 µg) and vitamin B12 (0.38 µg).

Unlike the high-fat, thick coconut milk used in cooking, our coconut drink is also low in fat (0.9 g / 100ml) - ideal for maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

As always, this plant-based drink is made using sustainably grown ingredients that you can count on to deliver a delicious, refreshing gulp with every serving. If you're looking for a new plant-based drink or are taking the leap to a plant-based diet (hooray!), you'll love all that Alpro coconut drink has to offer.