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Does Alpro use stabilisers and thickeners? If yes, which ones and why?

Of course, taste is key, but sometimes it’s not just about taste. Ice cream needs to be velvety, drinks should slide down smoothly, desserts have to hug the spoon and linger in the mouth. (Mmm, just saying this out loud makes us want to dig in…)

Basically, we want our foods to taste as good as at the moment we made them. That’s where stabilisers and thickeners come in, helping our drinks stay mixed up just right and our desserts stay deliciously thick, every time you take them out of the fridge.

You may find any of these stabilisers and thickeners in our drinks, plant-based alternatives to yogurt, ice cream and desserts, so say hi to these little helpers:

·        Guar gum – polysaccharide/fibre derived from guar seeds

·        Pectins –a polysaccharide/fibre found in nearly all fruits, especially apples, quinces and oranges

·        Locust bean gum – polysaccharide/fibre made from Mediterranean grown carob beans

·        Xanthan gum – a thickener and stabilizer naturally fermented from simple sugars

·        Gellan gum – a polysaccharide/fibre naturally fermented from a carbohydrate

·        Carrageenan – a thickening fibre extracted from seaweed

·        Agar-agar – a gel-like substance extracted from seaweed

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