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What about minerals and vitamins in Alpro products?

This might come as a shock to you… but we all need vitamins and minerals for our health and well-being. Just kidding, of course you know all this! But it’s not always easy to reach that daily dose, that’s why our Alpro products are enriched with the essentials depending on the recipe. Calcium, vitamins B2, B12, E, C and D, iron and iodine are added to help you meet your daily requirements. You’re welcome!

Here’s a list of our vitamins & minerals:

·        Calcium - We use different types of calcium depending on the product: tri-calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, tri-calcium citrate.

·        Vitamins B2 and B12 – we add these (plus calcium) to ensure that you get the nutrients you need.

·        Vitamin E – when we process nuts for our drinks, for example, some vitamin E gets lost so we add this to bring the levels back up.

·        Vitamin D – many people across Europe are missing out on their daily Vitamin D requirement, vital for the absorption of calcium. We’ve got that one covered. 

·        Vitamin C, Iron, Iodine – These are important minerals and vitamins included within the Alpro Growing Up Drink (1-3+) that children need for a healthy start in life.

Mind you, you won’t find these minerals and vitamins in the ingredients list on any of our organic products, though, simply because organic legislation doesn’t allow it. 

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