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I am a dietician, where can I find nutritional information on Alpro's products?

What is a plant-based diet?

As a diabetic, can I include Alpro products in my diet?

Can I use Go On for sport purposes or high protein diets?

Are Alpro soya products nutritionally equivalent to dairy products in a dairy free diet?

What are the benefits of incorporating Alpro products in a healthy balanced diet?

What is the recommended sugars intake in a healthy diet?

What are isoflavones and do they fit in a healthy diet?

Why is plant-based diet good for me and good for the planet at the same time?

Do soya foods contain more sugars compared to cow’s milk or dairy products?

What is so special about soya?

What is the difference between an intolerance and an allergy?

Is soya protein a good alternative for animal protein?

Which foods are high in saturated fat and low in saturated fat?

What is Alpro's mission?

Are Alpro products suitable for people with a cow’s milk/dairy allergy?

Can you safely consume coconut products if you have a nut allergy?

Are soya products suitable for people with diabetes?

What is Alpro free from?

What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats?

What is lactose intolerance?

What is a gluten intolerance?

Are your products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

How do I know if I have a food allergy or intolerance?

Does the Almond Unsweetened Unroasted drink have other nutritional benefits than the Almond Unsweetened Roasted drink?

Why did you change the packaging of the Alpro® Soya Growing Up drink 1-3+? Does it still hold the same formula suited for children of 1 year onwards?

Why should I limit my intake of saturated fat?

Can Alpro products be used by infants?

Are Alpro products suitable for children?

Are Alpro products suitable for people with food allergies and intolerances?

Why is soya protein good for your body?

Why is calcium good for you?

Why did Alpro use soya proteins instead of other plant-based protein sources?

Is Alpro Soya Growing Up drink 1-3+ suitable for infants/children/toddlers?

How much Alpro Soya Growing Up drink 1-3+ should my child drink a day?

What do antioxidants do and are they present in Alpro products?

Do Alpro products contain calcium and can I reach my daily intake?

What are the nutritional benefits of Alpro products?

Can Alpro products contribute to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels?

Does Alpro use fibres? If yes, why?

Why would I need a high in protein product?

How much protein do I need every day?

What are the nutritional benefits of the Alpro® Cashew original drink?

Will my child get enough calories and nutrients if they drink the Alpro Soya Growing Up drink 1-3+ every day?

Is soya protein as good as cow’s milk protein for my child?

Which vitamins do Alpro products have?

Are Alpro products suitable for my child if he/she has a dairy allergy and/or food intolerance?

Do Alpro products have the same levels of calcium as dairy?

What is cows milk protein/dairy allergy?

I am a health care practitioner/doctor/nurse, who can I contact for more information?

Can soya products be consumed after diagnosis of breast cancer?

Can I lose weight with Alpro?

Why are less vitamins and minerals added to Alpro Soya Growing Up drink 1-3+ compared to other growing drinks?

Are Alpro products that contain lactic acid suitable for people with milk allergy or lactose intolerance?

Do the Alpro products contain lactose or gluten?

Is Alpro suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Are Alpro products easy to digest?

Do Alpro products contain any cholesterol?

What is Alpro Go On?

What are the benefits of Alpro Go On?

Where can I find information on how much sugars a food or drink contains?

What kind of sugar is used in which Alpro products?

Are there any artificial preservatives or artificial sweeteners in Alpro products?

Do the Alpro products contain any animal- by - products or ingredients?

Do Alpro products contain caffeine?

Why doesn’t Alpro use low calorie sweeteners?

What are the effects of soya on male fertility?

Are Alpro products suitable for people with a soya allergy?

Why is Alpro not replacing sugars with steviol glycosides (stevia)?

Are Alpro products low in saturated fat?

How much sugar is in Alpro products?

What's the difference between the Light Alpro products and the normal Alpro products?

Does Alpro use any genetically modified ingredients?

Are Alpro products suitable for people with fructose intolerance?

Do Alpro products contain salt?

Are Alpro products gluten free?

How can I reduce my sugars intake?

When is a product low in sugars or sugars free?

Why do you add sugars to your Alpro Simply Plain plant-based alternative to yogurt?

What is carrageenan?

Are Alpro products suitable for people with a nut allergy? Can the nut-free products still contain traces of nuts by cross contact?

Is the chocolate in Alpro products also lactose free?

Are Alpro products lactose free?

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