Alpro Helpdesk Beta V1.0

Please read the info below carefully before sending in a request

In order to process all the requests, we've set up this support portal that will allow the content managers to better keep track of their work while also making it as seamless and frictionless as possible to contact them.

So how does it work? Just fill in the form and your request will be registered in our system. (It takes as much time as sending an email!) The request will then be assigned to a member of the content team. You will continue to receive updates via email when progress is made and will be asked to validate the end results before we close the ticket.

Explanation of the ticket form fields:

  1. Your name and e-mail address: Obviously we need your credentials to be able to stay in touch.

  2. Subject: Give a brief description of the request.

  3. Type: There are 5 different types of requests.

    1. Change request: This can range from editing a typo to adding a product the catalog.

    2. New feature: As the title says, if some functionality is required but does not exist yet for your website. These requests usually get passed on to our website agency and can take longer to resolve.

    3. Campaign: Launching a big campaign? Want to set up landing pages, forms, adapt your website accordingly? We will provide all the support you need.

    4. Issue: Found a bug? That's never good, please tell us and we will sort it out.

    5. General question: We're here to help.

  4. Priority: This relates to the due date of your request and helps us prioritize our work.

    1. Low: Request needs to be resolved but is not time sensitive.

    2. Medium: Request needs to be resolved by the given due date.

    3. High: Request needs to be resolved within 48h.

    4. Urgent: Only use in case of critical issues: website not available, possible legal implications, ...

  5. Platform: Which website or platform does your request concern?

  6. Market: In case it involves multiple markets, let us know in the description.

  7. Due date: By when would you need the request to be resolved?

  8. Description: Please be as complete as possible. When reporting bugs for example, do share browser + version + operating system.

  9. Attachments: You can add more detailed briefs here or screenshots.

In Version 2.0 we will also be adding ''how to's'' to the ticketing tool, so anyone can learn how to file a request to add a new product to a website, upload a new recipe etc. This will be really helpful for new colleagues and interns!

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