... you are on holiday!

Local cuisineDo some research – find out about the local cuisine and foods available at your destination. If you’re self-catering, is there a local supermarket that stocks dairy free products, for example. The owner or manager might be able to tell you.
Little planningJust a little forethought and planning will ensure that your holiday is the truly relaxing experience you want it to be. Follow our step-by-step guide to stress free, dairy free travel.

You’re on holiday!

  • Talk to the chef at your hotel and tell them what you need, so that can be prepared. Talk to the chef at your hotel
  • Depending on your destination’s custom and excise rules, you might want to take along some of your favourite dairy free long-life products such as Alpro long-life milk alternatives, custard and desserts.
  • Before you go, put together your own little list of ‘dairy free’ words in your holiday country’s language. Keep it handy, and you can show it to any hotel or restaurant you visit. You’ll avoid pitfalls that way.
  • The Alpro products might be available in the country you visit; take a look at the website www.alpro.com