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My Cuppa,
fit for a queen

Tea holds a dear space in our societal heart, forming an intrinsic part of British culture for quite some time. So, to mark National Tea Day 2022, we’re getting the Queens’ seal of approval of Alpro My Cuppa - the plant-based drink specially formulated for use in tea. But not from the Queen you might expect... enter drag race royalty The Vivienne, Tia Kofi and Victoria Scone.

My Cuppa, \n fit for a queen

An afternoon tea etiquette guide

Ever wondered how you can enjoy a plant-based tea experience that’s fit for a queen?
Discover William Hanson’s top tips here

Keep your pinkies tucked

Keep a hold of that teacup but remember to keep all spare fingers tucked. No wiggling fingers in the air.

Know your drinks

For plant-based tea drinkers, Alpro My Cuppa ticks all the boxes, allowing you to have an enjoyable cup of tea, as you’d expect it to be!

The shade of it all

It’s down to personal preference. Splash as much or as little Alpro My Cuppa as you desire to achieve a shade of tea that is favourable to you.

Causing a stir

The correct way to stir your tea is to move the spoon back and forth in an up-and-down, six o'clock-to-12 o’clock motion.

No licking of the spoon

Any droplets on used teaspoons should be gently flicked off, above the cup, before sitting at the side, on the saucer.

Discover More

Discover More

With Alpro My Cuppa there’s no curdling, no funny bits – just the perfect taste that allows the flavour of your brew to really shine through.