Alpro raises its B Corp score

Alpro becomes one of the the highest certified UK food and drink companies with B Corp status, following health and sustainability commitments

Recertification for the brand comes three years after achieving B Corp status

22/04/2021 – Alpro announces today that its B Corp accreditation has improved, making the company one of the highest certified food and drink organisations in the UK.

The reclassification comes as Alpro increases to 106.3 points – just three years after achieving B Corp status. This follows a sustained innovation strategy and ongoing environmental commitments set out by the plant-based pioneering brand last September, as part of its health and sustainability pledge – “Feeding our Future with Plants” (1) .

Sue Garfitt, General Manager at Alpro says: “We are beyond thrilled to have achieved such an improvement in our already impressive B Corp status. As a B Corp business, what really sets us apart is the fact that, in our strategic decisions, we consider the health and sustainability of all our stakeholders – employees, shareholders, the community and the environment. This positioning really strengthens our overall ‘One Planet. One Health’ vision, which emphasises our belief that the health of people and planet are linked.

“Alpro is playing an important role in maintaining a healthy society and planet,” comments Garfitt. “We are leading a worldwide ‘food revolution’ by creating a broad plant-based category which is becoming an indispensable part of a healthy and sustainable life – and we’re proud to be in the position to continue this ongoing investment in the UK as well as across the world.”

Alpro invests in UK Kettering operation

Alpro’s B Corp reclassification is a result of the organisation’s ongoing commitment to sustainable operations – something that the business has placed particular investment on in the UK. Alpro UK’s Kettering facility operates a zero waste to landfill policy, using 100% renewable electricity. In fact, the production site at Kettering has reduced its energy consumption per product (MWh) by -45% since the year 2000 and across Europe Alpro has cut its water usage by product by -20% in the last 10 years (2).

The UK site, which employees 200 people is implementing state of the art technology including combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) to simultaneously generate electricity, useful heating and cooling from the combustion of gas. This results in a more efficient use of primary energy and will enable the factory to reduce energy consumption and therefore the carbon emission.

These achievements are coupled with Alpro’s objectives to:

  • Reduce 30% of carbon emissions by 2025

  • Reduce water usage by 60% by 2025

  • Invest in biogas to switch to renewable energy

About B Corp

B Corp is a label that measures and compares the impact of companies on society and the climate, using a rigorous verification process. The standards for being classified as a B Corp company are extremely high. This is because companies are judged on their performance in the following five areas for which the bar is constantly being raised: policy, employees, customers, community and environment. B Corp also aims to build a global community of like-minded companies. Today, some 4000 companies are already part of the B Corp community, compared to 2400 companies in 2018. This proves that B Corp is truly an emerging and unstoppable movement, which is gaining traction in society. You’ll find more information on Alpro’s B Corp score on: https://bcorporation.eu/directory/alpro-alpro-sca.


Ann De Jaeger – General Counsel & Head of Corporate Affairs

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Simon Mowbray | Richmond & Towers

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(1) Alpro Sustainability Report: 'Feeding our Future with Plants', 2020 (2) Includes factories in Kettering, Issenheim and Wevelgem