Alpro is a Waste Warrior Brand

Alpro is a Waste Warrior Brand

Together with Too Good To Go Belgium and other committed brands, Alpro is shifting into a higher gear in the fight against food waste.

Since our founding in 1980, Alpro has always believed in the enormous power of plant-based food, both for our own wellbeing and that of the planet. As a certified B Corporation, Alpro uses business as a force for good. After all, we only have one planet and one health, and it's important to nurture both. So of course, avoiding food waste is an integral part of Alpro’s sustainability strategy throughout the entire lifespan of our products: from our factories to the consumers’ home.

Collaborative links connecting the food chain

The planet can no longer sustain our eating habits. We are literally eating ourselves out of house and home. And that’s why we must change the way we produce and consume food. This means all of the players in every link of the food chain must work together. As market leader in the plant-based category, Alpro takes active responsibility in initiatives that contribute to improving the future of our planet. Alpro’s goal for 2025 in a nutshell: “Food forever from earth”. Via science-based and measurable goals, Alpro strives for production and consumption that our planet can sustain. We do this by investing in:

  • regenerative agriculture focussing on soil, water and biodiversity

  • plant-based, recycled and 100% recyclable packaging materials

  • operational measures in order to achieve zero impact regarding water, CO2 emissions and waste

Jolien Schelstraete, Marketing Manager Belux, explains: “We've been working with the Belgian Federation of Food Banks since the ’90s . In addition to saving these products that can no longer be sold - due to damaged packaging or incorrect labelling, for example - we are able to help people who really need it. In 2020, we donated a total of around 200 tonnes of plant-based products. I'd like to call on other actors in the food sector to get behind the Waste Warrior project from Too Good To Go; because the only way to make our planet better is to work together.”