Alpro's fight against food waste

There is only one planet

Did you know

  1. Worldwide about one third of all the food produced for consumption is lost or wasted?(1)

  2. The EU generates approximately 88 million tonnes of food waste each year, costing an estimated 143 billion euros?(2)

  3. While an estimated 20% of the total food produced is wasted, 33 million people cannot afford a nutritious meal every other day?(3)

There is only one planet and we only have one health. So it is crucial that we safeguard both. Our goal for 2025 in a nutshell: ‘Food forever from earth’. We want to avoid food waste at all costs, for the entire life cycle of every one of our products: that means from production to consumption. From the factories to the consumers' table.

No waste to the dump and no food waste

In our fight against food loss and waste, we are making a loud and clear statement with concrete actions inspired by our ‘One Planet, One Health’ framework as well as in the Sustainable Development Goal 12 about Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12)(4):

  1. Intensive collaboration with the Belgian Federation of Food Banks since the 1990s. Last year, we donated a total of around 200 tonnes of plant-based products. In addition to saving products that can no longer be sold due to incorrect labelling or damaged packaging, we are able to help the people who really need it.

  2. Shelf life label that helps prevent food waste. We help consumers prevent food waste at home. Thanks to the minimum expiry date (best before) on our products, the consumer can still enjoy our products after this date with food safety still guaranteed. Did you know that the ‘best before’ date has been adorning our products since the very beginning? This helps us keep all waste to the bare minimum while still ensuring our customers can fully enjoy our delicious products.

  3. Want to learn more about our commitments to Mother Earth? Read our action plan 'Feeding our Future with Plants'.

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