Are coconut drinks good for you?

Are coconut drinks good for you?

When it comes to plant-based drinks, coconut has become a very popular choice. Whether you’re following a plant-based and /or dairy-free diet, or just want to mix things up a little, it’s not hard to see why coconut drinks are now a classic go-to. Bursting with a temptingly tropical flavour and unbelievably versatile, Alpro coconut drinks can form part of a healthy balanced diet, and taste great in anything from cakes and bakes to soups and sauces.

We get it though, you’ve probably still got questions, not least of which is whether Alpro Coconut drinks are good for you. Well as it turns out, you’re in the right place. Here we’ll be exploring what Alpro Coconut drinks are, what they taste like, and the health and nutritional benefits* they offer.

Let’s crack on (see what we did there?)

What are coconut drinks?

Alpro Coconut drinks are a plant-based, dairy-free drink. They’re also pretty heavenly when it comes to taste and flavour, but more of that later.

Here at Alpro, our coconuts are grown (nice and juicy we might add) in South East Asia where they can enjoy an abundance of beautifully warm sunshine, before being brought to you in our velvety smooth and creamy Alpro Coconut Drinks.

Perfect for a variety of hot or cold food and drinks, Alpro Coconut drinks are not just super tasty, they’re endlessly versatile. Pour it over your morning bowl of cereal, blend into your fruit smoothie (we go coco-nuts for this sunshine smoothie), or simply enjoy it by itself as a chilled glass of coco-nutty goodness* - yum! We’re not done yet though, mix up your cooking in the kitchen and add Alpro Coconut drink to your:

  • Curries

  • Soups

  • Porridge

  • Puddings and pancakes

The possibilities are endless!

What do Alpro coconut drinks taste like?

Alpro Coconut drinks are quite the taste sensation. Tropically tempting and luxuriously creamy, it’s up to you whether you want just a touch of the tropical, or a rich indulgent flavour - it all depends on how you choose to use it.

You can also enjoy the delicious taste of Alpro Coconut and Almond - double nuts!

What are the benefits of Alpro Coconut drinks?

More than just a scrumptious taste, Alpro Coconut drink is low in fat, making it an ideal addition to a healthy and balanced diet. With no added sugars** or sweeteners, it’s also fortified with nutrients, like calcium to support the maintenance of normal bones.

Alpro Coconut drinks also contain vitamin B12 which can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue (we’re here for that).

Naturally dairy and lactose free, it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s also gluten free, meaning that you can enjoy it if you’re avoiding gluten in your diet - hurrah!

Now enough about you, did you know that besides being delicious, coconuts can also be used to build ropes, nets or doormats? So tasty, so useful!

Alpro coconut drink nutrition

Alpro Coconut drinks - they might be delicious, but are they good for you*? The answer’s yes, but don’t take our word for it, take a look at our nutritional label below:

*Typical values, per 100ml of Alpro Coconut Original*

Energy 85 kJ / 20 kcal

Fat 0.9g

- Saturates 0.9g

- Mono-Unsaturates 0g

- Polyunsaturates 0g

Carbohydrate 2.7g

-Sugars 1.9g

Fibre 0.1g

Protein 0.1g

Salt 0.13g


- Vitamin D 0.75µg

- Vitamin B12 0.38µg


- Calcium 120mg

Popular FAQs

Are coconut drinks vegan?

You betcha. Our delicious Alpro Coconut drinks are 100% plant-based and therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Are coconut drinks dairy free?

Dairy - talk to the palm. Alpro Coconut drinks are naturally dairy free, meaning that they can be suitable for anyone with an allergy to cow’s milk. Bonus. Always speak to a healthcare professional if in doubt.

Are coconut drinks lactose free?

That would be another yes. Our heavenly coconut drinks are naturally lactose free, meaning that you can enjoy to the full if you’re avoiding lactose in your diet. Always check with your GP or healthcare professional that any changes to your diet are appropriate for you.

How many calories are in coconut drinks?

With no compromise on that tantalising taste, there are only 20 calories per 100ml of Alpro Coconut drink.

Now you know all about the goodness* we’ve packed into our Alpro Coconut drinks, it’s over to you. Take a look at the full range below - plant-based never tasted better.

*Source of calcium. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bone. A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is recommended for good health.

**Alpro Coconut drink original contains naturally occurring sugars