Covid-19 and Alpro? Find out what we’re doing to support our community

Hey Alpro Plant-based People of the World! Now more than ever we need to come together as communities, businesses & organisations to help each other get stuff done. As we closely monitor the development of this global phenomenon, we continue to support and comply with all directions from the experts at WHO, CDC and local governments in each region. Covid-19 has presented a global challenge and our biggest priority is the health & safety of our community. It always will be, it is in our plant-based genes. We have a range of measures to support our essential workers in the production facilities and supply logistics, our partners in the fields & farms and our extended families in the barista scene.


We are so proud of the attitude and determination of our people. Throughout this challenging time, we’ve been committed to keeping products on shelves to keep our Alpro customers plant-powered and are wholeheartedly dedicated to safeguarding our working environments. We’ve implemented protections guidelines for all employees & partners to adhere to local & national proximity regulations. To make sure our core focus is on production and distributing the workload across more staff, we’re redeploying workers where needed most.

All work contracts are guaranteed for a minimum of April, May and June. In the case of sick leave, quarantine or childcare, health insurance is completed to 100%.

We have a food emergency recognition scheme for our production and distribution teams.

We’re collaborating with all our suppliers to ensure safety through the end-to-end supply chain.


The local communities we work with make us immensely proud. Countless people, organisations & businesses are doing incredible work to help all of us through the challenges of today and tomorrow. We’re committed to supporting those who are helping the most vulnerable, the key workers & the local heroes, which is why we’re working locally through the Alpro Social Fund, giving us the chance to get the right help to the right people, at the right time.


For our barista family and for many others, lockdown has been a bitter bean to swallow. It has not been easy, but the barista community has kept us warm-hearted and our coffees strong with tons of home brew inspirations.  We’ve loved seeing the world come together with initiatives such as paying it forward. And we want to do our part to support those who help us get a great start to our day, which is why we’ve kickstarted local initiatives to ensure that when the time comes, baristas are ready to roll up their sleeves, polish their filters, and get the grinders grinding to fuel their local neighbourhoods with excellent coffees.