How are almond drinks made?

How are almond drinks made?

If you haven’t tried our almond drinks yet, then now’s the time to give them a go. A deliciously subtle nutty plant-based drinkalternative to milk, Alpro Almond is not only oh-so-tasty, it’s versatile too. Whether you’re following a lactose or gluten-free plant based or vegan diet, Alpro Almond make for the perfect choice whether you’re lunching, brunching or simply making a brew (you can read all about why we think it’s perfect in your cuppa here). Below you’ll find lots of information about how our almond drinks are made, step by step. From the ingredients they contain to how they can be used, take a look for everything you need to know.

What are Alpro Almond drinks made from?

It might sound obvious, but the main ingredients of our scrummy almond drinks are almonds (obviously) and water. We also enrich our almond drinks with a number of nutrients, including vitamins D2, B2 and B12 & E. Alpro Almond is also a good source of calcium and some Alpro Almond drinks are a source of iodine.

What is the process for making almond drinks?

The almonds we use in our drinks come from the Mediterranean, where they’ve had the chance to grow in the warm sunshine. They’re grown on tiny farms in Italy and Spain, and they’re primarily pollinated by wild bees, allowing nature to do its thing. To bring out their natural nutty flavour, the almonds are lightly roasted, before being finely crushed and combined with water to create the ultimate super delicious blend. Of course, there’s a little bit more to it than that…

Step 1 – Soaking your almonds

The first step in making our delicious Alpro Almond drinks is to soak the almonds in water. This ensures that they’re thoroughly cleaned, ready to make their way into our delicious drinks and more importantly, ready for you to enjoy.

Step 2 – Blending

Our next step is to crush the almonds very finely, before blending them with water. It’s at this stage in the process that we add any other ingredients that might be needed, including the vitamins and minerals we use to enrich our almond drinks. These include vitamins D2, B12 and in some almond drinks, B12.

Step 3 – Straining the almond drink

Once the roasting, soaking, crushing and blending is complete, the resulting mixture is then strained. This gives Alpro Almond that signature smooth texture that perfectly complements it’s exceptionally creamy and nutty taste.

Ready to go nuts for Alpro Almond?

Now you know how our Alpro Almond drinks are made, are you ready to give them a try? You can learn more about our almond drinks, and explore our full range of 100% plant-based drinks, below. Get ready to indulge! And if you’d like to know how the other plant-based drinks are made, read our articles on Alpro Oat, Coconut and Soya.