How are plant-based drinks made?

Here at Alpro, we’ve got so many delicious plant-based drinks for you to choose from. But just how are they made? What’s involved when it comes to getting our super ingredients from where they’re grown to your bowls, cups and spoons? Let’s take a look.

If you're considering switching to a plant-based diet for whatever reason, you may want to know a little more about how our plant-based drinks are made. Well look no further.

From the ingredients they contain to the soaking and blending process, in this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know how our plant-based range of drinks are made, and how we make them so tasty. Take a look to ensure that you’re in the know whether you’re choosing oat or hazelnut, soya, almond or coconut.

What are plant-based drinks made from?

Because there’s such a wide variety of Alpro plant-based drinks, we use an array of different ingredients to make them. For example, the main ingredient in each of our Alpro drinks depends on which one you choose. The headline ingredients of course are oast, soya, coconuts, almonds and hazelnuts.

However, each drink also contains other ingredients too, Alpro coconut for example contains rice, and coconut cream. Each one of our ingredients is carefully listed on the pack of the drink you choose, and you’ll see that many of our drinks are fortified with vitamins and minerals that can help to support a healthy lifestyle, making them the ideal accompaniment to a varied and balanced diet.

Now, whilst we think they’re all pretty amazing, our most popular plant-based drinks are soya and oat - probably because they’re so versatile, smooth, and creamy. We also make other plant-based drinks too, including coconut, almond and hazelnut.

The processes we use to make our different plant-based drinks are very similar. To give you an idea of what’s involved, we’ve set it all out below.

What is the process of making plant-based drinks?

From soaking our ingredients to creating that creamy and delicious blend, each one of our plant-based drinks is lovingly made by following a number of steps, including being mechanically cleaned, soaked in water and ground.

Step 1 - Soak in water

Our soya beans are first soaked in water for several hours. This cleans them and makes the blending process easier - which results in our signature smooth and creamy texture. Our oats and nuts are ground before they’re soaked in water, with our almonds being light roasted first to ensure that incredibly nutty flavour.

Step 2 - Turn into a puree

The next step in the process is to remove the key ingredient from the water, before blending it into a puree.

Step 3 - From puree to liquid

After the main ingredient has been made into a puree, the next step is to filter the puree mixture to separate the liquid from the plant matter and filtering it. At this point, our plant-based drinks go through heating and processing. This results in the silky-smooth plant-based drink that you can enjoy whether you’re adding it to your cooking, your coffee or your cereal.

Like what you see?

Now that you know how our plant-based drinks are made, all that’s left for you to do is choose the right one for you and enjoy! Have a look at some of the delicious Alpro drinks below - which one will you choose?

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