Plant-based drinks for your coffee

It’s an exciting time to be exploring and embracing a plant based, vegan or ‘free from’ diet. As plant-based drinks continue to grow in popularity, here at Alpro we’ve got a number of different options for you to choose from. But the big question is, which one is best for your coffee? Alpro plant-based drinks are super-versatile. Perfect to use when you’re cooking, baking or simply drinking from the glass, they’re also an ideal addition to your coffee. Going plant-based has never been easier, but choosing your favourite? Well, that’s the hard part.

Here we’re exploring the options available when it comes to enjoying a smooth and creamy cup of coffee, whenever you feel like it.

What plant-based alternatives to milk are there?

At Alpro, we offer a wide range of dreamily creamy plant-based drinks:

Which alternative to dairy is best for coffee?

We’ve narrowed down some of the best plant-based choices from the Alpro range, to ensure that you’re getting the very best coffee experience. Alpro Oat Drink A seriously strong contender for a plant-based alternative to dairy. Alpro oats drinks are are smooth in texture and subtly sweet and creamy in taste - a perfect complement to the strong and sharp flavour of coffee. This makes them a popular choice for those looking for plant-based alternatives for their coffee. Alpro Oat very rarely curdles in coffee, and you can froth it or foam it to your hearts content. And if you’re really serious about your cup of joe, then look no further than Alpro Barista Oat. and Bbbring the coffee shop to your kitchen and create the perfect microfoam to your coffee with no curdling. Alpro Soya Drink An all-time classic, Alpro Soya drinks are another popular alternative to dairy for your coffee. The smooth creaminess provides the perfect balance for your choice of coffee bean and does so without being overpowering. If you like your coffee frothy, then Alpro Soya may just be the plant-based alternative for you (especially our Barista version). Just be sure to avoid adding too much heat, as this can cause the Soya drink to curdle. You could also try using coffee beans that aren’t as acidic, such as Arabica beans, or let your coffee cool down a bit before adding the scrummy Soya drink to your cup. As an added bonus, Alpro Soya is vegan friendly, lactose and gluten free! Alpro Almond Drink If you love a subtle nutty flavour with your coffee, Alpro Almond is a perfect choice. Because we gently roast our almonds before they’re transformed into a tasty and creamy drink, Alpro Almond adds a deep yet subtle undertone to your cup of coffee, whichever beans you choose to use. It’s also great for iced coffee too. Almond drinks do sometimes curdle, so be sure to try warming it up first, ahead of adding it to your coffee mug. You can also give Alpro Barista Almond a whirl. Again, Alpro Almond is also vegan friendly, and naturally lactose and gluten free. Alpro Coconut Drink If you’re looking for a taste that’s a little different, take your coffee to the tropics with Alpro Coconut. Coconut drinks have a delicious and subtly sweet flavour, that manages to be both creamy and fresh. When combined with the rich dark undertones tones of your coffee, it can make for a truly delicious blend.

If you choose Alpro Barista Coconut drink (for the ultimate coffee experience) steams and froths well - perfect for lattes and flat whites. It also creates a yummy foam that you’ll go coco-nuts for. It can however curdle when poured, so as with our other plant-based drinks, avoid too much heat and try a less acidic coffee bean. Alpro Coconut is also vegan friendly, lactose and gluten free.

With so many options to choose from? Which Alpro plant-based drink will you be adding to your morning coffee? Take a look at the range below.

At Alpro, we offer a wide range of dreamily creamy plant-based drinks: