What are plant-based drinks?

What are plant-based drinks?

Have you decided to join the plant-based revolution but don’t know your vegan from your veggie? Fear not. Lucky for you, we’re here to help with everything you need to know about all things plant-based.

If you want a kick out of your morning coffee or want the rich, creamy goodness of dairy without the, well… dairy, then get ready to have your mind blown. Here we’re providing a comprehensive guide to plant-based drinks - what they are, why you might choose to enjoy them, and the different plant-based drink options that are available (spoiler alert - you’ll be spoilt for choice).

Plant-based drinks - what are they?

It seems like everyone is catching the plant-based bug. As more and more people are looking at their food choices and lifestyle, the market for plant-based drinks is rapidly expanding*, and here at Alpro we say long may it continue!

As for what they are, plant-based drinks are simply drinks that contain no animal products. They’re made from all those good, nutritious ingredients like nuts (think hazelnuts, almonds and cashews), oats, coconuts and soya. No animal farming necessary.

Want to know more about how your favourite plant-based drinks are made? We’ve got the answers right here.

Why should I go plant-based?

We think plant-based is pretty cool, but there’s more to it than that. In fact, there are several reasons why you might be thinking about making the switch to plant-based when it comes to your beverages.

For your diet preferences

Whether you’ve got a dairy or lactose allergy or intolerance, or you simply want to benefit from the vitamins and minerals a plant-based diet brings, taking the plant-based plunge can play a part in leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

For the animals

For many people, animal welfare is at the fore when it comes to going plant-based. Standing up to animal cruelty or exploitation, or just being a general animal lover, it’s one of the biggest reasons that many people decide to go plant-based.

For the environment

As concerns grow for the health of not just ourselves, but for the environment too, many people are choosing plant-based diets as an alternative to dairy’s impact on the environment.

What plant-based drinks are available?

There are a number of naturally occurring plants that can produce the flavoursome, creamy, rich and juicy goodness that goes into plant-based drinks. And there are so many options available if you’re thinking about giving them a whirl. These include:

  • Almond, cashew or hazelnut drinks - go nuts for nuts.

  • Oat - we’re wild for them.

  • Soya - simply scrummy.

  • Coconut - temptingly tropical.

Which Alpro drinks are plant-based?

In a nutshell, absolutely all of them.

From oat, soya and coconut, to hazelnut, almond and cashew, when it comes to our drinks, we’ve made plant-based our business.


Say hello to hazelnut. Roasted, blended hazelnuts give this plant-based powerhouse its signature nutty taste.


Made from plant-based protein and, Non-GMO soya, add a touch of something special to your food and drinks.


A solid choice for anyone making their plant-based debut. Enjoy the delicate taste of awesome almonds.


Go loco for coconuts! This plant-based bombshell is a sweet, delicious addition to recipes sweet or savoury.

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