What can you use almond drinks for?

Almond drinks are a popular plant-based alternative drinks. With a delightfully delicate nutty taste matched by a smooth, silky and creamy texture, it’s clear to see why soi many people enjoy it whether they’;re cooking, baking, or enjoying it poured over their morning cereal.

Let’s take a look at what you can use almond drinks for, and how to make it a staple of a healthy and balanced diet.

Using almond drink in beverages

The subtle nuttiness of Alpro Almond makes it a great choice for your coffee, whether hot or iced. It also tastes great when you add a splash to your morning cuppa - you can learn more about that here. To be your own barista at home, give Alpro Barista Almond a try - perfect for frothing, foaming and steaming.

Alpro almond also works wonderfully in smoothies, shakes and hot chocolate. As it adds a rich and delicious creaminess without overwhelming the taste of other ingredients. Why not try your Alpro Almond in one of these tasty tipples?

Honey almond toddy

Fruity almond smoothie

Grab 250 ml of cold-brewed coffee, a squeeze of honey, ice and 60 ml of Alpro Almond. Shake, pour and enjoy on the rocks.

Combine 1 frozen mango, 2 fresh bananas (room temp), ice cubes, and 160 ml Alpro Almond. Blend until smooth, pour and enjoy! (Hammock optional).

You can experiment with whichever fruit you like. For example, you can replace the mango with 2 cups of frozen strawberries, pineapple, blueberries- the choice is yours!

Using almond drink in breakfast recipes

First thing’s first, Alpro Almond tastes great when simply poured over your favourites breakfast cereal, and makes for a great start to the day. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, or want to be a little more indulgent on leisurely weekends, why not try our recipe suggestions below? From porridge to pancakes, Alpro Almond has your plant-based breakfasts covered.

Vegan Plant based French crepes

Overnight oats

With a touch of cinnamon and vanilla, these vegan plant based Crepes are made using Alpro Almond and take no time at all to whip up. Top with peanut butter, vbegan chocolate or fruit for the ultimate breakfast time indulgence - oo la la!

Rolled oats, grated pear and Alpro Almond all come together to make a healthy and satisfying breakfast option. Make the night before so that you can top with sliced bananas, berry compote and almond butter for a delicious breakfast on the go.

Baking and cooking with almond drinks

The bottom line is, that our plant-based drinks can be enjoyed morning, noon and night, for breakfast, lunch and dinner - it’s what makes them so wonderfully versatile. Alpro Almond can be used as an ingredient when you’re cooking and baking, adding delicious flavour and texture to a number of different recipes.

From cakes and puddings to side dishes and mains, take a look at just what a storm you can cook up in your kitchen with Alpro Almond!

Vegetable and bean bake

Rice pudding with berry compote

A selection of fresh, mouthwatering vegetables including onions, leeks and carrots combined in a deliciously creamy sauce, topped with crunchy breadcrumbs and grated cheese (vegan or regular). A tantalising dish whatever the season.

An absolute classic made with Aborio or pudding rice, Alpro Almond and a squeeze of citrus and honey. Top with a tangy berry compote for a summer twist orn a winter warmer.

Spinach, squash and lentil dhal

Plum cobbler

A blend of aromatic herbs and spices are the perfect match for lentils and a hint of subtle sweet nuttiness from Alpro Almond makes for an irresistible dinner combination.

A hearty and traditional pudding that blends sweet cooked plumbs with a buttery cobbler topping - an ideal after dinner treat. If you’d prefer, use peaches, nectarines or berries.

Feeling inspired? We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do, and that they’ve shown you that there are plenty of ways to include Alpro Almond as part of your everyday diet. You’ll find lots more recipes on our website, and you can explore the full range of our Alpro Almond drinks below.

Explore the full range of our Alpro Almond drinks below.