What can you use soya drinks for?

What can you use soya drink for? 

If you’re looking for a super-versatile alternative to milk, Alpro Soya drink could be exactly the thing you’ve been looking for.  

Whether you’re enjoying our signature plant-based drink straight up, on its own over ice, or using it in your breakfasts, drinks, cooking or baking, there are so many deliciously tasty ways for you to use our mouthwatering Alpro Soya drink.  

And here, we’re leaving no plant-based stone unturned as we explore all of the options. Take a look.   

Using soya drink in drinks 

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but our sweet and super creamy soya drink is the perfect blend for your beverage. When it comes to hot drinks, enjoy a splash of Alpro Soya Drink in your tea, coffee and luscious latte, or make yourself a rich and indulgent mug of hot chocolate as you curl up at the end of a long day.

Vanilla Soya Latte  

Frothy, smooth and oh-so-creamy, this vanilla soya latte is the perfect snack for elevenses whether you’re at home or at work. A yummy dairy-free pick me up.  

Time for a coffee break 

But make no mistake, the versatility of Alpro Soya Drink goes way beyond your morning cuppa. From smoothies and shakes, to iced coffee and celebration cocktails, there are so many tasty and delicious ways to use Alpro Soya Drink. Why not explore some of our recipes and experiment with something new? 

Berry blast smoothie  

Banana Soyashake    

Virgin Blueberry Sour   

A deliciously hearty and fruity blend of yummy berries, oats and Alpro Soya Drink, simply blend, pour and go for the perfect start to your day.   (Smoothie time) 

A plant-based twist on an absolute classic, go bananas for this ice cold banana shake. With a hint of almond and a touch of maple syrup, this is the ultimate dairy-free sweet treat.   (Make your shake)

Crushed blueberries, ginger ale and a splash of soya drink make for a dreamy dairy-free mocktail that will really tickle your tastebuds.  (Let’s go) 

Using soya drink in breakfast recipes  

When it comes to having a great start to your day, Alpro Soya Drink is a creamy and tasty alternative to cow's milk in a variety of your favourite breakfast recipes. Generously poured over your cereal or blended with delicious and hearty oats, it’s also perfect in smoothies, scrambled eggs and muffins.    

Take a look at some of our suggestions for a tasty morning treat.  

Weetabix breakfast muffins    

Lemon and blueberry overnight oats   

Enjoy a leisurely weekend breakfast or prepare ahead of time for a tasty snack on the go, with these fluffy and delicious weetabix breakfast muffins.   (Get the recipe) 

These no-cook oats are small on preparation whilst being big on taste. A delicious blend of juicy blueberries, hearty oats and zesty lemon, simply leave overnight and enjoy!  (Discover the recipe) 

Baking and cooking with soya drink 

Beyond beverages and breakfasts, Alpro Soya also makes for a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking up a savoury storm with pasta sauces and curries, or baking deliciously tasty cakes and buns, Alpro Soya Drink will quickly become one of your staple kitchen go-to’s.  

If you’re wondering what the differences are between cooking and baking with Alpro Soya Drink and cow’s milk, the answer is - not many! In fact, because Alpro Soya Drink is high in protein, it’s great for baking cakes and breads that are fluffy, light (1) and that brown beautifully on the top.    

But don’t take our word for it. Below you’ll find just a few of our mouth-watering ideas so that you can put Alpro Soya Drink to the test in your kitchen.  

Grilled zucchini dip  

Pea and edamame soup   

Chocolate pudding   

Whether under the grill or on the BBQ, blend your seasoned zucchini with Alpro Soya, tantalising tahini, garlic, cumin and lemon for a delectable dip that’s the perfect match for pitta or flatbreads.   (Get the recipe)  

For a bowl full of soul, try Alpro Soya in this deliciously tasty and wholesome pea and edamame soup. Smooth, creamy and irresistible.   (Make it now) 

Vanilla and chocolate blended beautifully with Alpro Soya. An indulgent after dinner treat that’s as dairy-free as it is delicious.  (Get started) 

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate smooth soya sensation! Take a look at the full range of Alpro Soya Drinks below just waiting to be used in your favourite recipes - the possibilities are endless!