What is oat drink?

What is oat milk? We're glad you asked!

At Alpro - we call our products Oat Drinks. Why? By definition – milk is a nutrient-rich food produced by mammary glands of mammals – and our tasty oat-based products are completely plant-based!

Oat drink is a tasty plant-based and vegan friendly drink that's fibre-rich, a source of calcium & vitamin D, naturally lactose free, and super delicious. It’s a wonderfully creamy in taste, made by carefully blending subtly sweet oats with water, before straining smooth. Oh, and our oats are 100% European oats, did we mention that?

Perfect in cereal, hot and cold drinks, in porridge, or on its own, oat drink is as versatile as it is delicious. Our tasty oat drink is made using 100% European harvested oats and it has the lowest ecological footprint of all of our plant-based drinks! n excellent choice for not just your body, but the planet, too. What's not to love? Choose from a host of tasty oat-based favourites including oat original and oat no sugars.

What are the benefits of oat drink?

So, oat drink benefits. We're big lovers of this delicious and versatile plant-based drink, and for good reason! Made with a highly nutritious grain, our oat drink provides plenty of fibre, along with calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B2 (basically, all the good stuff).

Not only that, it's naturally low in fat , making it a great fit to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Oat drink pairs perfectly with your favourite snacks and makes for a top-notch, healthy ingredient* in everyday dishes. Add it to your morning porridge for some added subtle sweetness, or to your ritual afternoon latte for some extra frothy goodness*. Better yet, incorporate some oat-based magic into your favourite classic recipes (your vegan mac'n'cheese won't know what hit it!). Healthy*, nutritious, delicious - that's oat drink!

*Source of calcium. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for good health.

Oat drink vs Almond drink

When it comes to oat drink vs almond drink, we're a little biased towards, well, both! We're lovers of these amazing plant-based drinks, and we're pretty confident you'll love them both too. But we get it - sometimes you just need the facts, so we've broken down these two fantastic drinks for you in a bit more detail.

First up, oat! Oat drink is a fibre-rich, plant-based drink that's made using oats and water. It's creamy taste, is naturally sweet, and is a source calcium (120mg per 100 ml), vitamin D, B12, and B2. It's also low in fat (1.5g / 100ml), saturated fat (0.1g/ 100ml) and salt (0.09g / 100ml).

Next, we have almond drink, a plant-based drink made from lightly roasted almonds and water, offering a delicate, nutty taste. Almond drink is naturally low in sugars (2.4g / 100ml) and fat (1.1g / 100ml) and is a great source of Vitamin D, B12, and B2.

Both drinks are versatile and tasty. Enjoy in hot and cold drinks, in cereals, and in recipes or on their own!

Oat drink vs Soya milk alternative

When weighing up oat drink vs soya milk alternative, it can be tough to know which one to choose. After all, they're both delicious, nutritious, healthy* and awesome all-rounders (not that we're biased or anything). To help you understand a little more about these two plant-based drinks, we've got some key nutritional facts and benefits.

Oat drink is made using oats and water. It's wonderfully creamy taste and texture, high in fibre (1.4g / 100ml), contains natural occurring sugars, no added sugars (3.3g / 100ml), and is a source of calcium (120mg per 100 ml). It also contains vitamin D, B12, and B2, and is low in saturated fat (0.1g / 100ml), fat (1.5g / 100ml), and salt (0.09g / 100ml).

Soya milk alternative is a popular plant-based drink made using soya beans and water. Soya drink is high in protein (3.3g / 100ml) a source of calcium (120mg / 100ml), is low in sugars (2.5g / 100ml), and is also provides vitamins D, B12, and B2. Similar to oat, soya milk alternative is low in saturated fat , and salt (0.08 / 100ml).

*Source of calcium. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for good health.

Oat drink vs cow’s milk

Thinking about trying out a plant-based oat drink for some variation to your usual? You're in the right place! Oat drink's taste, texture, and versatility is a lot like the cow's milk you're used to. Made from nutritious oats , oat drink is rich in dietary fibre, calcium, vitamin D and is naturally lactose free - a great companion for those looking for a dairy free option.

Our oat drink is also a source calcium and vitamins D, B12, B2 - – is low in in saturated fat and provides fibre (can we get a heck yes?!). Why not give it a go , you'll also be doing that extra bit for the environment. Oat drink not only produces far fewer emissions, it also needs a lot less land and water to produce .. A simple, positive change that's GOOD FOR YOU! *

*Source of calcium. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for good health.