Oat Drink Tips & How To

We know a thing or two about the goodness and versatility of plant-based drinks. With a subtly sweet, creamy texture, and a source of fibre, calcium and vitamins D, B12 and B2, this oat drink has plenty to offer. Whether you're going all in with your first at-home latte or want to know how to cook with oat drink, we've got this. Check out our top tricks and tips to making your delicious Alpro oat drink go the extra mile, every time.

How can I make porridge with oat drink?

Wondering how to make porridge with oat drink? It's easy peasy! Alpro oat drink and porridge oats make a perfectly delicious match (yeah, we're only slightly obsessed).

To make the perfect oat-drink porridge, you'll just need a few essentials. Grab your Alpro oat drink, your favourite porridge oats, and any extra ingredients like fruit or muesli. Decide your portions (we recommend 250ML oat drink to every 40g porridge oats) then combine in a saucepan over a medium to low heat. Bring to the boil and stir to your go-to consistency and serve! Check out our yummy Oatmeal with Apple recipe for inspiration.

How can I make an oat latte at home?

Frothy, delicious, and slightly (ok, very) addictive. There's nothing quite like the perfect oat drink latte. As lovers of this super-tasty hot drink, we wanted to know how to make an oat drink latte at home.

And the good news? It's easier than you might think and doesn't always need a fancy frothing machine (but they do come in handy). Start by brewing your coffee of choice. Once it's nearly ready, you'll want to start frothing the oat drink. If you have a frother, just add the desired amount of oat drink and froth to your heart's content!

If you don't have a frothing machine, a carafe also works well (but we won't lie, this way takes a little more effort). Pour your oat drink into a carafe, pop on the lid, and pump until a nice froth has formed. No matter your method, you should get a lovely, fluffy froth to sit perfectly on top of your coffee. Sprinkle with a bit of vegan cocoa powder and enjoy!

How do you froth oat drink?

If you're keen to recreate the oat milk latte or make an oat cappuccino at home, you'll need to know how to froth the Alpro oat drink – we recommend choosing our Barista Oat Drink for best results. Thankfully, it's super easy and doesn't require fancy barista equipment. If you've got a frothing machine at home, simply add the desired amount of oat drink and froth away! Alternatively, you can use a carafe to manually pump the oat drink into a fluffy consistency. Both should provide a lovely oaty froth to complement your coffee of choice.

Is oat drink okay for tea and coffee?

Plant-based drinks come in a range of consistencies and flavours, making them great for both hot and cold drinks. So, the big question: is oat drink ok for tea and coffee? As the plant-based pioneers, we can confidently say YES (and it's good for you, too!).**

Made with nutritious oats, oat drink gives a subtly sweet flavour and nice creamy consistency that we love. It’s perfect for tea, hot chocolate, coffee, lattes, smoothies, shakes and plenty more. Oat drink is ideal if you want the taste and consistency of coffee creamers or fuller-fat milk, without the excess fat and calories.

How to make white sauce with oat drink

Perfect for casseroles, lasagne, vegan mac'n'cheese, and plenty more, there's so much to love about a tasty, plant-based white sauce. That's right, it's perfectly possible to make the perfect Bechamel sauce without the dairy!

You can use virtually any heat-tolerant plant-based drink with your favourite white sauce recipe, but we're big fans of oat drink for this one. Oat drink is naturally sweet, thick, and creamy, lending itself to tasty sauces like Bechamel. Usually, white sauce only requires a few ingredients - flour, milk, oil or butter. Simply replace the dairy with your favourite non-dairy alternatives and get cracking!

How to make iced coffee with oat drink

Tasty and delicious, , there's plenty to love about iced coffee. Over the last few years, plant-based drink alternatives have been shaking things up in the world of chilled caffeinated beverages. If you're wondering how to make iced coffee with oat drink, the great news is that it’s super easy!

Simply brew your coffee to your desired strength before chilling and adding milk. If you're starting with a single or double shot, simply add chilled water and ice before topping up with oat drink. If you've brewed a pot of filter or instant coffee, cool down with plenty of ice, add oat drink, and stir. A deliciously chilled, creamy tasting drink to enjoy.

* At Alpro we call our products Oat Drinks and not Oat milks – why, you ask? By definition – milk is a nutrient-rich food produced by mammary glands of mammals – and our tasty Oat Drink products are completely plant-based!

**Source of B12. Vitamin B12 as part of balanced diet and lifestyle, contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.